M. Statkevich: Repression against the Young initiates pro-Russian lobby in the security services

Tsigankov: "What are the goals put in front of him power, going on this process? Of course, that these members of the Young in their own towns do not represent a particular danger to the existing political regime? That the authorities wish to show the public? "
Statkevich: "In my opinion, there is no power monolith acts as something integral. Various mandatory mechanisms work in their own way, and this is determined by intrinsic motivation. Created a great mechanism of oppression, and it should give some results — someone should be punished . At the same time the center of decision-making contains all repressive below, and the center of decision-making turnaround, the abolition of repression has risen to the level of the Lukashenko.
There is still another factor. On my eyes, in the "Young Front" exists and external impact, Russian influence. It’s no secret that the Belarusian secret services there majestic pro-Russian lobby. Who comes into the lobby, you can realize the geography of repression against the Young Front ".
Tsigankov: "You could say that any steps that repressive machine, which at times has been living itself for itself, may conflict with the interests of the government itself, specifically Alexander Lukashenko. He, for example, need to establish business with Europe, and its repressive actions she does not? "
Statkevich: "I will, and then pops up another" machine "(not" machine "and" machine ") — is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If you really really presses, they go" up "and asks -" should be released Sevyarinets, Statkevich make Myagenkaya sentence "and so on.
Because I very much hope that, when there is a previous example of the first Tribunal over Malady, then and now these guys have all completed at least a fine. I do not hope for an acquittal, because there is a law formally. And these kids are not shall be removed from their own activity, means "offender admitted assistance" — the verdict must be offense. The only hope that pressure from the forces of which I read, will not be so huge, and everything will be fine "

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