M.Zhbankov Names of Liberty: This is the story of the Belarusian patriotism

Very timely and meaningful book styled art critic Vladimir Orlov Maxim Zhbankov.
"This is the story of the Belarusian patriotism through destinies through life as a well-known historical figures, and our contemporaries. We watch that there no barriers that history lasts, that the country is being rebuilt in our destinies in our minds every day. And then no pause no break.
Very simply look at this book as a certain tribute to those who died. Oddly enough, in the book is quite the opposite attitude toward things. This book looks very positive. Since it just through the fate of those whom the emperor knows Orlov, rightly points out, Belarus lived, lives and will live.
The main thing is that we have a chance to join this tradition, to join the Belarusian common destiny. In this book, through the personal lives of the general picture is of Belarusian way. And this is what I for example, have never beheld "- says Maxim Zhbankov.
Presentation in Minsk and the Web — Friday, September 21. The address in Minsk — "Varvashenya", 8, beginning at 18:00. The address on the web — svaboda.org
• "Names of Freedom" from Tadeusz Reytana to Avginya Denisova, 18.09.2007 • Shibeko Zahar: "Orlov has a unique ability lyakanizmu poetic", 17.09.2007 • Oleg Gordienko, "Vladimir Orlov made a small encyclopedia Belarusian freedom", 17.09.2007

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