Malady breaking open their fate and condemned to torment parents

In the past few weeks in different regions of Belarus was arrested and convicted 10s youth activists.
The formal reason for punishment in most cases became role in unsanctioned public events. Although such shares soon began to consider even a party in the cafe or coming to the courthouse to support the other arrested.
From the 1st of letters on this topic and begin to review mail. Our listener Oleg Kalenik of Minsk district writes:
"Here again hear on" Freedom ":" Sevyarinets arrested, held in jail Dashkevycha judged Azarka. "Nothing has changed under our Belarusian sky. The same was 5, and 10 years ago — maybe only the names of other prisoners.
Sorry for these dedicated and sincere young people. They also break their fate, condemned to torment parents. And what efforts w: forehead concrete wall not proshibesh. Belarus has created such a machine of destruction at least some dissent and opposition that any pickets or flash mobs — it’s just worthless children’s games.
Adults favorites opposition should keep youth from unnecessary casualties. Necessary to prepare a truly mass protest rally forces and not wasted on trifles and sustain such losses. "
Opposition favorites, sire Kalenik, set up on the shares to which they are now capable of. Besides, I do not think that senior opposition can give younger team — what to do and what to refrain from. In the environment there is no such opposition rigid centralization and subordination.
As for the mass protests, they are prepared. A month later, on October 14, the opposition plans to hold a "European march". And a few weeks later, on November 4, — "Soc march." Another question is how widespread they are.
Our listener Ales Stankevich of Grodno drew attention to nedavneshnee offer some historians and politicians declare basic municipal prazdnichkom day in the country September 17 — as the veneration of events in 1939, when as a result of the Russian occupation of eastern Poland West Belarus was attached to the Belarusian SSR, and the Belarusian people, so Makarov, uzyadnavsya.
"I think what to do so not worth it. You need to keep in mind what action then occurred. Stalin least thought about the interests of the Belarusian civilization. His real aim was to divide Europe together with Hitler.
Well, that brought with it the Communist authorities in Western Belarus after the September 17, 1939? How much people wasof unreasonably arrested, killed and exiled to the Russian North! And the agony brought forcibly collectivized peasants!
Declare this day municipal prazdnichkom it would be incorrect and based on the opinion of the international policy: to keep in mind what he has left a trace in the history of our western neighbors.
If so, and to change the day of Independence, then at least some sight worth declare basic municipal prazdnichkom March 25. Specifically today Belarus in 1918 after 123 years of Russian occupation became an independent state. "
Day on September 17 in the list of official municipal prazdnichkom did not appear either in the USSR or in Russian Belarus, nor when Belarus became to be independent. Maybe it happened because on that date, for all its historical significance for the Belarusian civilization is shameful shadow of the Molotov — Ribbentrop Pact.
In general, municipal calendar prazdnichkom in Belarus has repeatedly revised. Independence Initiative transfer of days from 27 July 3, belonged to President Lukashenko, and unlikely at the current government, this date will be reviewed again — from what historians may come to such a proposal, and whatever it was justified.
Although at some point Belarusians will celebrate those dates and for those characters that really is for defining civilization and eternal. And in this sense candidacy days of March 25, 1918, really, no.
Created subsequent letters — the last of Stalin’s gulag prisoner Stepan Lihach of Smorgon. He recalls the first years after the war, when he was in the dungeons of the NKVD:
"Time wasabout this: say something is wrong and in the wrong place — and here will come under the military court. It happened to me.
One day September 2, 1948 will never forget. Vileika tribunal "troika". During that trial — is unclear. Tipo anti-Soviet propaganda. That "three" murmured (sure to order), and later in a terrible voice: "Subject to the supreme measure of death."
Read this and see away from the table. And only later I began to realize that it — the end. Staggered, but I continue to stand. The watchman says, "Sit down!"
10-15 minutes those judges back. Mitigated sentence — execution was changed to 25 years imprisonment and 5 years of restriction of rights.
Soon gathered from the surrounding villages and towns still weave two same "anti-Soviet" — and drove straight to step Inta (it’s north of, in the Komi Republic). Snow, frost, around — the taiga and tundra. And solid barracks with the same evil fruit.
Sewed on the back of the room, was given a shovel or an ax — and work morning to night for a bowl of watery porridge.
In my team was 23 people 18 different nationalities. Not all came back to that hell. And true to the time and generally unlikely who lived, except me. "
Week reversing the Constitutional Tribunal decided Belarus: worth giving inflated pensions for those children Gulag prisoners who were not with their parents in the camps.
Expected growth small — 10 bucks. And older people such in Belarus remained slightly — 6 thousand people. But vigilant judges decided 10 bucks Babes political prisoners if they were sitting together with their parents for stitching wire, not worth.
The fact that children’s homes in which tormented these small, not very different from the prisons, the judge did not take into account. And what is the fate of these kids were injured, they were worn for decades stigma son or daughter "enemy of the people", which is impossiblecould get any good-quality education, no solid work — this is also the highest municipal tribunal did not wish to consider.
Our listener with Konstantin Syrel Ushachi continues talking about the problems of culture and journalistic professionalism.
In the previous program "Mailbox 111" recall letter sounded Ales Charnyavchyka from Minsk, in which the listener was indignant that one of the Belarusian FM-stations on the outcome of a football match said a day or two after. Konstantin Syrel writes on this subject:
"Oh-oh-oh, sire Alexander, a day or two — it’s very quickly! Somewhere in late May — early June last year we have accomplished in Ushachi emergency.
At a local restaurant one Saturday poisoned marriage almost at full strength — about eighty people (as it turned out later — salmanelez). About forty people came to the clinic Usha, others — in the clinic Polotsk, Novopolotsk, Vitebsk and other cities.
So here, our local newspaper "Patriot" also said this on Saturday, but … exactly three weeks. In my newspaper gave an indignant letter such jeering answer that differently as rudeness I did not call I can not.
And what method to augment its own circulation to all the popular "SB"? My friends, husband and wife (I will not name the name) at work getting this newspaper subscription. So they (him and her) forced to subscribe to the newspaper to the same home. Now take out from the mailbox every day two instances. As for you it pochetaemye listeners "Freedom"?
At the end of a letter from Mary kutsee Razuvaev from Minsk:
"I am very glad that the songs in the performance Danchika included in the program of Radio Liberty, and that they are accompanied by small commentaries. I wish that information about the singer was more — about his life and work that disturbs him. This artist beautiful voice and beautiful execution. And what a lovely song! ..< br>Very hunt to Danchyk came with a concert in Minsk. Maybe it? "
Maybe Mrs. Razuvaeva. At least, such plans Danchika (Bogdan Andrusyshyna) is. On the days of I talked to him about it.
But if held in Belarus these concerts, depends not only from him and desires of the public. Will there be room for such concerts, whether they allow Belarusian authorities? Without an answer to these questions such events in Belarus impossible.
Thanks to everyone who found the time to write on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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