Maxim Zhbankova film festival

From time to time it seems that Hollywood is totally crazy, and one that is capable of doing the film adaptation of computer games. But the true hope the fans do not spend — there is light at low-budget auteur cinema. Specifically, there should be waiting for the next tsikavinak.
Here and This time we came upon a refined horror "Vampirka." Filmmakers found fascinating move: the main character in the implementation of the 1st of "Charlie’s angels" Lucy Liu is transformed into a ghoul. But flatly refuses to join the silly bloodsuckers.
Directed Sebastyan Gutierrez fascinated dark screen romance "noir." Because the movie came out, and although spectacular and moody. The dead babe wakes up in a steel cabinet. Later on the night streets finds its own murderers. And gently whispers next opponent: "See you in hell, you scoundrel!" Vampire line tightly linked to the criminal — especially and presentable. Lucy Liu looks very impressive in black with black yes kambinezonchyku same crossbow. But the most fascinating that there vampires deprived branded bloody fangs. "Vampirka" and without their good looks.
Main negative recollection — Brett Ratner film "Rush hours 3." Very successful series about how Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker Offenders fought, waited in the end of the third series. No one wanted to risk. Because nothing expect news. 3rd movie a hundred percent similar to their predecessors. The only action takes place in Paris.
Olden Chan makes all likely to we were curious. Black comedian Tucker is responsible for the jokes and songs. Everyone is doing their job — and there is no miracle. Indeed, the sum of all looks completely fatal. There are fights, jokes and Serge Gainsbourg under striptease. But it remains unknown, with what joy heroes lamanuli as moose to Paris with him for what he sneered pan and director Roman Polanski there Undercover for hiding under artificial hair dark beauty. Viewers collects NOT text quality and popular brand. And this is — quite funny.
And now — my personal choice this week. Quite the case in the summer stock sell-off, I found Oliver Stone’s movie "Finding Fidel." Tireless Stone could agree on a long conversation with the Cuban dictator reddish. And he made his ferocious portrait.
We know the brutal propaganda documentary Moore Azarenka yes. Stone, on the contrary, allegedly hiding behind his hero. And he confidently shows all her best features. This may frighten children. This is worth to teach politicians.

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