Membership Kolas and Yanka Kupala — a myth?

Biographical sketches are popular — so caused these genre created their own works, poet Nyaklyayeu.
"Just something at one point in the afternoon, I woke up and thought about it, that though about our classics, giants and much written, but that of the primer on them not. Well that just people were curious from the first to the last page to behold life these people. And judging by some of the reviews on these publications, here’s this little problem, I put in front of him, partially resolved, "- said Nyaklyayeu.
Essays on Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas he wrote two years back, without thinking about their anniversary today. Excerpts from the first were placed in certain editions of previously-independent. Perhaps because the facts of life and death scene Kupala contained in the full text of the essay, placed in This year 20 eighth issue of the journal "The verb" do not show the reader an unusual discovery. But the essay on Kolas, placed in the most fresh room "Dzeyaslova" can be called a sensation.
Thumbnail of text interspersed inaccessible documents, personal letters, memoirs loved ones Kolas. Here and tremulous story first love, writing and incident so called Kolasa letters of repentance before the punitive organs, and citations of denunciations against each other in the same organs recognizable people Belarusian history and culture that surrounded Kolasa, and everyday details of life uncle Yakub …

"Midsummer Kolasa regarded as a gentleman farmer to …"

Sovereign Nyaklyayeu emphasizes that achalavechvayuchy, so to speak, "Zabronzovevshy" classics, he tried do it delicately:
"Nothing I’m there just trying not to catch, not to write so that something damaged in vsprynyatstsi them as essentially the best sons of our country. Just this "zabranzavelasts" their standing monuments in Yakub Kolas and Kupala park, a little shaken. I think it’s for the best, because people live fascinating people alive and not monuments. "
But some legends Russian literature Nyaklyayeu destroyed all the same, namely, the myth of sincere friendship 2-folk poets.
"The problem of membership is Nyaklyayeu writes that Kupala Kolasa regarded as a gentleman to the farmer — and it’s not the most likable of what was Kupalu."
Such a conclusion was given not only to the creator. But he cites documentary evidence, which read 20 pages on the ninth issue of the magazine "verb", the reader is able to draw their own conclusions from the history of personal relationships Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas.

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