Migrant workers: We were working in the Russian concentration camps …

In Slavgorod fair I met 40-year-old former officer Victor. After rasfarmavannya stick changed the shape of the pilot for Rob migrant workers. Just came back from his Moscow, where a half months working on the establishment of road symbols. Believes he was lucky — returned. Not name names, because going back again.
"Guys go — bring even killed — says Victor. — There are hosts who recruit people, they work out. Later gives these funds workaholic and he himself through racketeering returns these funds. Happens here and kill. Municipal structures there — there register, pay medical insurance, but such a little. They are not willing to throw the money on tax. Salaries, if you are a turner, welder, is per month and a half or two thousands of dollars. A workaholic with a shovel when — under our 800 thousand. Go there not for longish ruble, while our price is still some money. What will happen next? 1000 bucks a family too heavy even in Slavgorod. If the spouse is not working, the kids do not learn in school, and above — already hard … "
30-year-old Roman village of Christmas Veremeyko Cherikov district does not hide his name: reads, let everyone know what to expect "in the fraternal Russian Federation." In Moscow Roman left after layoffs at the local livestock sector. After the second sample earn miraculously alive. Here is his story.
"In Belarus recruit people promise great facilities, conditions, but to get on Actually, there is much easier than to escape. Working day began at 8 am, ending at 11pm. And that is not always happened in the night 2-3. With all of this a week. Unsanitary living conditions. In a small trailer we lived for 8-9 people. Built solid building institute in Odintsovo near Moscow. Wages were much lower than those of local builders. We went out "Zapyataev" though was calculated for food, about 500 bucks for 15 hours 31 working day. I got into the Russian camp, made specifically for Belarusians — "bulbashi." We were considered just working cattle. Cases Muscovites contemptuously. Questions about wages or the duration of the work was the answer: "swing right — to their historical Motherland!"
Catching the moment of arrival of the owner’s office, in the presence of Roman newly composed party Belarusians still got a job, claimed to give payment and passport, which "camp" is taken. Head, so as not to inflame passions, agreed. Novel several days hiding in the woods, after caught a minibus with Belarusian rooms. States that in Russia was born Belarusians second time.
"I decided to ensure that Belarus was free, that can work on their own land, to earn money and be masters. We will fight for their country! "
• "Let’s go to work in Russia — just survived and returned without any means", 14.03.2007
• In Russia, burned four workers from Belarus, 25.10.2006

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