Minsk, 1997: An authorized rally in support of press freedom

"Star" in 1937 draws attention"In the months of August and September, as an exception, is allowed to take in myasapastavki chickens with their heads from each weighing 800 grams (instead of 1000). Geese accepted weighing not less than 3500 grams; ducks — not less than 1400 grams; turkey — not less 2800 grams. Donating bird count myasaabavyazatselstvav very profitable. every 700 grams of donated birds are counted as 1 kilogram myasapastavak. "
* "Evening Minsk", 1987. "How many movies released Warner Bros." BelarusFilm "on whiteRussian language?"- I asked someone in the editorial A.Rybchonak. Editorial explains:" studio "BelarusFilm" in the period 1972 — 1986 All-Union’s released on screen 67 feature-length films. Adopted by the Customer (USSR Radio and Television and the Byelorussian SSR) TV-87 feature films. They are all, in the main, covered by whiteRussian language. Create game films is carried out on Russian language . "
* "Name", year 1997. Third band went snow-white newspaper, on it was one small text signed by the Support Fund-independent press: "You wish that journalists were sitting in the slammer, and newspapers were published with the" snow-white spots? "No! Then come to a sanctioned rally in support freedom of the press, which will be held August 30, 1997 at 12.00 at the Bangalore Square (Crossroad Bogdanovich and Surganova). "

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