Mogilev Belarusian-no classes

But the chairman Oleg Diachkov community does not think that the activities of TBM in the revival of the Belarusian-language schools in Mogilev bad.
He notes that in Mogilev for a long time did not try to form an organized Belarusian-language classes and groups, because all you have to start from scratch:
"Why bad? How we’re working, month and a half — and found six people who are willing to give kids in the Belarusian-group. Frankly, given the fact that there years this topic nobody has, and I did not believe that we would find so many people.
We are creating a database these people — is our people. Over the next year we are going to create with them Belarusian-class. All depends on what ancestors — punch or not. Statements are, by law, even one application is enough to make a group or class — all depends on the parents, "- Oleg summarizes Diachkov.
Meanwhile Mogilev City Executive Committee believes that creating a Belarusian-language classes and groups with little kids is not economically feasible.
In an official response to the appeal of the organization TBM signed Deputy Mayor Theodore Mikheenko said that in the class or group must more than 12 children.
According to the official disk imaging, in the Mogilev region 56% of Belarusian-language schools.
In the education department of the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee said:
"Belarusian-language schools in the Mogilev region is, and quite a lot. Unfortunately, in Mogilev and Bobruisk in the past year and the year before there was such schools. Education on whiteRussian language organized according to the statements. How will applications be satisfied and so requests. "
In the department of education are convinced that if they wish to study in Belarusian, they provide conditions.
In the midst of the big cities of Mogilev region exclusively Osipovichi gymnasium all subjects are taught in Belarusian.
In Gorki Korol’kova family through the efforts of the local school there were two Belarusian-classes. There are trained kids Korol’kova — Maryla and smallest Nikita.
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