Mogilev firefighters endured activist military glory day

Firefighters accused sovereign Dyachkova that he spread the fire.
Oleg Dyachkova, along with 20 activists detained on September 8 in Forest Park Lubusz Mogilev police company of frisky response.
In a wooded park activists celebrated day of the Belarusian Military Glory. In October the police department, where activists delivered urgently summoned the inspector of the district department of the Emergencies Ministry, which amounted to an administrative offense.
Mogilev Oleg Diachkov not the first who punished fire.
On September 4, 155 thousand rubles fined Dmitry Solovyov. Commission blames him for rights violationsyl fire safety in the forest.

Oleg Diachkov warning after fire

Mogilev to fight the opposition thrown fire, 04.09.2007 • Arrested the celebration days of military glory in Mogilev on the loose, 08.09.2007

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