Mogilev journalists for strangers graffiti

On the sidewalks in the center of the unknown young people abrysovvali their bodies. This circuit is accompanied by the caption "He (Krasovskii, Gonchar, Zakharenko Zawadzki) wish to live and to seek their freedom."
For graffiti, police detained 3 journalists Anna Ilina, Vitaly Ruhain and Ales Asiptsova. Creators graffiti police detain failed.
Journalists have been in Lenin council Interior about one hour. For this time police rewrote their passport details. Then Major Andrew Mazhenkov recognized that direct evidence that journalists did not chart the police found in their actions because there is no corpus delicti. After the journalists were released.
Mogilev activists distribute bulletin "The prisoners of conscience."
One of the graffiti, for which the detained journalists.

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