Mogilev municipal publications decreased circulation

Mogilev 5 out of municipal publications with a total circulation of about 150 thousand copies. With more than half of it — in the regional "Mogilevsky statements."
Fact for comparison: non-state "Evening Mogilev" has about 40 thousand copies.
According to the views of the editors, the drop in popularity municipal media will continue if they do not receive help from the government.
Ask what background impacted decrease circulation? That outlook cerebral editor executive committee "Bulletin of Mogilev" Basil Navichonka:
"Entrepreneurs are now almost every month, or every six months, open advertising and commercial newspapers that print and applets. All these newspapers, instead of distributing the same stores, mailboxes Throws. Such a version of that here, for sure, circulation falls not only our, and other newspapers. "
But many in the town believe that a similar explanation is superficial. Indirectly vertikalschika uttered even when stated on an ideological meeting halving critical publications. It shows the rest of the middle distance of official publications from the realities that first motivate readers.
Chairman of the city cell Belarusian Association of Journalists Gennady Sudnik notes:
"Power has long been closed to journalists. She closed not only itself, and other instances her subordinates. Because now journalists deprived cost info and can not adequately convey its people. They provide only that that power it thinks fit, make it sound. People do uninteresting. A newspaper should be something else about our lives: what’s happening in our yard, on our street, in our town. Anything about it, of course not. "
In June, during the week of Mogilev witnessed extraordinary action — strikes Mogilev donors. His pioneer Igor Kovalenko blames local media neabektyvnastsi:
"When we held a warning strike donors did not cover this action. Prior to the strike, we smashed all Mogilev newspaper press releases. Yet newspapers denounced the people of disk imaging, which not only benefits the donor tear. It was served in such a sense that local newspapers also support cancellation of benefits . "
Threat to municipal media — advertising a commercial newspapers Mogilev
The Tribunal began to deal with the "anarchy in the web"?, 15.08.2007

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