Mogilev: not enough donors

In 2006 Mogilev registered blood transfusion station was about 8.5 thousand donors. For comparison: in Brest — 14 thousand, in the Vitebsk region — 17 thousand.
Head Mogilev blood transfusion station Goldynberg Boris explains such a difference in the donor statistics higher health requirements of donors. Mogilev less defective blood Goldynberg notes.
After the abolition of social benefits people become less interested in donating.
"We are June, July, August and September — for preparatory recording is actually half of the seats empty. Apparently, the government pursued any specific purpose, but was necessary take care to preserve the principle of social phenomena such as donation, "- says Goldynberg.
Influence on donation and other difficulties. Not everyone donating blood correspond necessary aspects:
"We have to 10 percent of those who come to us to donate blood, to deny admission. We believe that this is due to the missing power of people, it is associated with any regime nedatrymovvannem criterion behavior is due to a deviation in any terms" — says Boris Goldenberg.
Mogilevsky blood transfusion station appealed to the regional executive committee with a request targeted to help the noble donors — kampensovvats fare, give bonuses at work.
In addition, Boris Goldynberg counting on help "red cross."
Pioneer strikes donors and the head of the organizing committee, which makes the fund for donors "Drop of Life", Igor Kovalenko says:
"The government does not know what to do donation. When we play with some initiatives in the government and the Ministry of Health with their suggestions on how to attract people to donate, all bureaucrats ignore our proposals as regard them as a danger.
No propaganda donation in Mogilev, and the country in general. The health status of our people do not very good, they say a lot about it, but do nothing. "
Mogilev: Blood transfusion station heard donor demands , 13.08.2007

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