Mogilev on Animaevka not cartoons in Belarusian

In kinavidyepradpryemstve "gaze", which acts as one of the festival organizers, said that in the competitive program there will be four tape "Belarusfilm."
"Own the competition in four cartoon This year"The Adventures of Munchausen in Russia", "Golden Horseshoe", "Magic Shop" and "Jet pig" — all Russian. Belarusian-no.
It is not for us, the organizers. It is to those who produce these cartoons. It’s in their need to ask the studio "BelarusFilm" why not have them on the whiteRussian language "- Said" Freedom "one of the employees of the enterprise" gaze. "
On "Belarusfilm" they say that cartoons on Belarusian language removed. If "Animaevka" they do not mean, they do not motivate the organizers.
Advertising Festival
"The organization takes such cartoons. Last," Nestserka "was on the whiteRussian language. At this point we do not know where to implement it. Once expressed in Belarus and all — more nobody needs because to duplicate.
The main market for which we have to work, that’s our homeland. Because we have to do cartoons on the language in which obtained. We produce naturally cartoons not so often in the Belarusian language for their own audience ", — explained in the Directorate cartoon strip" Belarusfilm. "
The founders of the festival "Animaevka" are the ministries of culture, education, Mogilev Regional Executive Committee and Executive Committee, as the studio "BelarusFilm" and Belarusian alliance filmmakers.
Previously held in each of the festivals were presented one-two Belarusian tape. Advertising Festival and alert — everything was and still is in Russian.
In Last year viewers showed one cartoon in Belarusian — "As I have served Pan." Created for him a special prize "For the preservation of traditions."
In today’s festival audience will see films multipliers from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and the Baltic States.
For the first time in the festival perceive the role studio animated films from Poland, Georgia and Serbia. Usually most of the tapes rossiyankoy production.
• On the "Animaevka" still had one Belarusian-language film, 25.09.2006

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