Mogilev pensioner found mine

Vladimir Gvazdev buzovnik collected and almost entered the mine. Here’s what he said, "Freedom":
"I do not know this mine. I once beheld a picture in the magazine, and so in the memory I have left, it’s mine" butterfly. "When I spoke to the police, as it looks, they immediately responded that this" butterfly " . I’m not special, I do not know when mine was released — it is modern or the time of war. "
Not counting the bridge, about three hundred meters from the place where Vladimir Gvazdev found mine, located urban amusement park. Shrub preferred stroller which is going to a lot of the evening.
In the October Mogilev police department said that the place unsafe findings caused saperav who have taken mine on the ground, and later exploded.
Upon detection of any mines operational search actions policemen were performed.

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