Mogilev Regional Court Board dismissed the complaint K. Shatsikava

College Regional Court did not motivate their own solutions. Christina Shatsikava and her attorney will now turn to the chairman of the Mogilev Regional Court for the purpose of protest action College Regional Court.
June 29 Leninsky Tribunal under starshynyavannem judge Sergey Queen not found reason to cancel the decision of the same district. The prosecutor’s office refused to lure responsibility policemen who delivered March 23 violence in a psychiatric clinic Shatsikava. Prosecutors also did not reveal violations by the administration and clinics, where over 3 days znahodilalasya activist. Referee Queens explained with all this, that the court can not force the prosecutor to initiate criminal cases.
Christina Shatsikava March 23 against the will was taken to a psychiatric clinic and held there for a day or three. The reason for the hospitalization was, allegedly, complaint Shatsikava neighbors.
In April, Christina Shatsikava passed examination is independent of the Association-independent RF psychiatry at Metropolitan Human Rights. Honey Association recognized experts Christina Shatsikava on the mental level healthy.
• The Tribunal rejected the appeal on the prosecutor K. Shatsikava, 29.06.2007 • Mogilev prosecutors dismissed the complaint Shatsikava Christina, 11.05.2007

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