Mogilev regional organization of the Belarusian Popular Front movement on the brink of elimination

That room will be auctioned, Gregory Kastusiou nobody informed in advance. In the list of premises, which he received in the executive committee almost two months back, about the auction there was no mention. Now he visited the City Council:
"Today went to the executive committee of officials from the communal property management, where I tweaked with ZHREU, to a certain person with a certain issue with a particular task. Ethe man says: I do not know how it will happen.
I believe that this is simply because the authorities had completely eliminate the idea our company. I see how these efforts are yet successful. "
Staff housing and communal management confirmed that the premises on Lenin Street, 26, claimed by Non-Governmental Organization, will be rented through the auction, and if anyone dares to participate, the last word belongs to the executive committee.
"There is a council property — they will decide, I just only balyansavtrymalnik" — said managing housing and communal management of Leninsky district of Mogilev Lena Maydanyuk.
Question previously planned to put the proposed public organization space for auction, the utility ignored.
The department auctions executive committee said that after the auction is scheduled for September 4. The department did not remember the case, to Non-Governmental Organization involved in commercial auctions.
In late May, the last cabinet of the regional organization of the movement of the BPF "Revival" sealed the police. Since then, the organization is not a legal address. If you went out and brought in another room, in the council of Justice Executive Committee will be legal grounds to cancel the registration of the organization.
Grigory Kostusev tried to find office in Mogilev entrepreneurs. Those but fear contact with opposition organization — and they say that openly.
Elimination of regional traffic management BPF "Revival" will lose all its communities in Mogilev region.
Ideologues will keep control of printed materials together with the police, 12.03.2007 • Mogilev policemen stormed into the office BPF, 07.03.2007

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