Mogilev to fight the opposition thrown fire

By Inspector council Sergei Padabaeva, Dmitry Solovyov made a fire in the fire-dangerous period. As it turned out, there is an order executive committee, which advises citizens not to visit the forest in this time.
Last Thursday, Dmitry and other activists detained reinforced police patrol in the woods near Mogilev. Against the will of their bundled into an official car and taken to the Mogilev district police station. Kept for more than 3 hours.
Freedom they came after, as inspector of the Ministry of Mogilev emergencies, which caused the police, was not protocol Dmitry Solovyov.
Solovyov says that in the forest, they gathered to discuss the state of the youth movement in Mogilev.
"This arrest was political. Detention came on summary response frisky company that created specifically to deal with dissent. During almost three hours at the police station we could not take no for an article, because we did not violate any laws. Slovestnosti us blame one — in other words, the expansion of the fire, and was punished for smoking visit the forest "- said" Freedom "Dmitry Solovyov.
During detention Major Sergey Andreenko a couple of times knocked on the neck and back independent journalist Anna Ilina. She sought to clarify what its delay. Sudmedeksperty recorded on the body of journalist once hematoma.
On Friday, an investigator of the Mogilev district prosecutor Vladimir Zaenchyk started checking the facts of the complaint Anna Ilina. She blames the policeman of exceeding capacity.
"First it struck me as an investigator could not find all of the case in general. Handy to do, maybe a dozen calls to find a protocol that made this fire. Investigator, of course, promised to bring a case against the policemen. I hope that he will be punished, although I do not believe in the justice of our court, "- said Anna Ilina.
• Mogilev seven activists for freedom, 30.08.2007 • Mogilev journalist tries to prosecute a policeman, 31.08.2007

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