More materials are popular week on our website

According to statistics, more readable page of our Web site for last week were the following:
Online conference with Vitali Silitski 19.09.2007
Activists of "rebellion" was held in Minsk share "Lukashism. Vintage 2007" 15.09.2007
Operation "successor" in Belarusian? 19.09.2007
Pushkin: "After my arrest I owed visit Orsha battle field " 16.09.2007
In Poland, there was a book about Lukashenko 17.09.2007
Graphs Czapski vorachivayutsya in Minsk 20.09.2007
The KGB interested in training "Euro march" 20.09.2007
Action of solidarity with political prisoners in Minsk 16.09.2007
Now — a day of solidarity 16.09.2007
In Warsaw — picket near the Belarusian Embassy 16.09.2007

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