Movement For Freedom is suing the Ministry of Justice

Referee Valery Samolyuk will consider the complaint, signed by Yuri Hubarevich of Birch, Alex Kavalets from Minsk and Andrew Kusyalchuk of Grodno. They and other founders of the organization require the abolition of the Ministry of Justice decision, as they believe that it is "baseless, unlawful and violates the legitimate rights and interests of citizens."
Alexei Kavalets states that the complaint they provide numerous examples bespadstavnastsi negative decision of the Ministry:
"Totally tricky wordplay. And less. Nor are there those violations, those Fri, through which can be would not register a company.
For example, they write in your charter says that the organization operates on the areas of the Republic of Belarus, and we think that this information. Still, what is it? I wish tomorrow to ask them in court the question: "What does it mean information, if in the first Fri we recorded — the organization acts on the areas of the Republic of Belarus What is their concept of" information "?"
Favourite unregistered movement Alexander Milinkevich relies on a suitable solution highest court:
"But I am a realist and do not think that the Supreme Tribunal decides. A decides to someone else above. And always because of the need. But we guys resistant. And we will fight, we will regitsya as strong enough. A lot of strength."
Proof of the words may be the fact that the creators of the "Movement" For Freedom "held on August 11 in Zaslaul another constituent assembly. It was attended by nearly 300 people from 50 regions of Belarus. Riot police and several 10’s of policemen stopped holding meetings of activists. They are, incidentally, took sound-amplifying equipment, which, according to Andrew Kusyalchuk, hitherto not returned.
Alexei Kavalets states that the Ministry of Justice notes this time the organizers have tried to take into account the meeting. But they were very faded:
"We had a meeting and then submitted for registration. We like take into account the comments of the Ministry, although there is not clear what should be considered."
Meanwhile activist of the Movement Igor Lyalkova now summoned to the police district of Minsk. Base calling — finding events of 11 August Zaslaul.
First constituent congress of the "Movement" For Freedom "was held on May 18 in Grodno. After the meeting and were submitted for registration.
• B. Complaint adherents A.Milinkevich make out the Supreme Tribunal, 12.09.2007

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