My Belarus: Light archival photos disperses the darkness and horror, secures our feelings and actions

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She Pavlyukavets Peles Vlad Sergey Rybak Slava Kasia Shumskaya Yegor Anton Yakutovich
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4 week: Kasia Shumskaya, Slava, Oksana Luniniec
5 week: Vadim Titov, Denis Fedorenko, Valery Kazyuminski
6 week: Dmitry Zenkovich, Ales Sidlyarevich Tatiana Myronovych
7 week: Vitaly Brazovsky Pauline Grynchanka Vadim Gaydalenak
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9 week: Vladimir Tkachenko, Sergey Peles, Valerina (Valeria Koustova)
Week 10: Syrel Anna Lena Luetke, Zorna
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Week 12: Vadim, Yarosh, Ales Pryshyvalka
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REVIEW FATASKRYNI filming WEEK correspondence
Than to curse the darkness and mist, light Light stories
Asyagayuchy fotaprastoru that is fixed over the past decades, it might be worth, and was taken aback that the legacy we have now. How much valuable documented this and impartially» "conscious" is involuntarily yellowed prints.
With regard to family albums, so this is the first textbooks in the family» and and home, where prized memory, harmony and order, freedom and dignity. From time to time — in spite of the fact "textbook" that painstakingly written ideologues from the state machine with a note "from the president." This is true assured our first retro Publication: archival photo light scatters the darkness and horror, secures our feelings and actions, love for the Fatherland, fatherland and its true history.
Of the digital photos, both technical and liberal that will double and triple that heritage, make it different, meaningful, plyakatnay. It is worth to remember Confucius: "Instead of cursing the darkness, light a small candle try." To paraphrase, speak out as follows: the curse and obscurantist haze, light retro light fatakonkursu "My Belarus!"
Turn to the last address. Kasia Shumskaya of "Belarusian polis’ky town" Mozyr created a fascinating historical publication last week, this time falls pages town early 20-ies of the last century.
Sending also excerpts from the book "Good churches and prihodov Minsk diocese", year 1879, she involuntarily said: "Unfortunately, there is not the 1st time does not occur in a word" Belarus "or" Belarusians. "And you want! Quote from the book: "Primeval this country in almost all respects. Civilization is not a lot more affected Polessye: live there and work as alive grandfathers. "Retro publication Kasi Shumsky complement old cards from George Vysotsky and Egor.
(C) Catherine Shumskaya Prints Lives. Mozyr early twentieth century. Coastal Landscape
(C) Catherine Shumskaya Prints Lives. Mozyr early twentieth century. Street Kiev (now Russian)
(C) Catherine Shumskaya Prints Lives. Mozyr early twentieth century. Intercession Street (now Lenin)
(C) Catherine Shumskaya Prints Lives. Mozyr early twentieth century. Avrutskaya tract (now International Street)
(C) Catherine Shumskaya Prints Lives. Mozyr early twentieth century. Central Square. Fair
(C) Catherine Shumskaya Prints Lives. Mozyr early twentieth century. View of the St. Michael Church
"At the moment that the village will not find on the map, it was only from the farm my grandfather …"
With the attempt to make sense of their place in the historical fotaprastory — Yuri Vysotsky. "Photos from the family archives, and my my girls," — said a source created by the letter. Comments creation:
(C) Yuri Vysotsky Home photo archive. Sverzhen old village, Stolbtsovsky borough, 1963. "Today the school bring us closer to the light standards Grandpa Lenin." First left my mom, she was here eight years, close friends from school.
(C) Yuri Vysotsky Home photo archive. Sverzhen old village, Stolbtsovsky borough, 1954. This can be on the bike and ride to Vilnius … In those days, it was great to buy, perhaps unprincipled that now — an expensive car. My mom’s a teacher (pictured), we must assume was comfortably lady.
(C) Yuri Vysotsky Home photo archive. Columns late 1930s. A couple of years will be war, and the children’s eyes will see something that will never build did not have to … For sure it is not clear who in the picture, signed only a year — 38 or 39 minutes, do not tell.
(C) Yuri Vysotsky Home photo archive. Stolbtsovsky borough, 1920. On the 15th anniversary of the marriage came to Columns "withdraw" in honor of the anniversary of my relatives girls. After the war, all the contacts and information about the family» yu were lost.
(C) Yuri Vysotsky Home photo archive. New Village, Smorgon district, 1960. Now this village you will not find on the map, it was only on my grandfather’s farm. In the photo my father and an old fence that same farm. Countryside and currently stands on the same spot as the fence. Bolshevik plots lost in the darkness of history, their place at the moment grows rye and flax local so called SEC and pradedovskoy legacy Long live — I often come with a folder there farm is located 14 kilometers from the district center, a kilometer from the village of clay.
Add Jura that the current system (mostly local, economic nomenklatura) under the guise of "health" purges somewhere daastatku tries to kill the remnants of farms, estates and tracts. One of the clearest examples — Stolbtsovsky area with which you bloodlines.
Last picture headings — with nedavneshnego archive 1990s.
(C) Yegor Belarusian DAIshyki, early 1990s
Seemingly ordinary newspaper picture, and look — witness history!
Everything has its own age
A series of "commemorative" snapshots sent Valery Kazyuminski. "Meanwhile, it floated away, departed, and funny day present, even the future is not only the pain of loss, sadness or bitterness, and lyrical grateful Us — says series creator. — The main thing that all had their own age and lived on the ancestral standards. "
(C) Valery Kazyuminski "Victory" in the yard of the village soon Myadel district. "Private Century" is already adbegala
(C) Valery Kazyuminski New bridge over the Neman near the village and the remains of an old Shchorsy, rolling stock that arrived at last year’s flooding of the adjacent village of Soroka and stayed partly in water and partly on shore
Earlier, the creator specifies the picture became probable bridge was in Schorsy, but in the winter it was dismantled, not to break the spring. In Magpie always left — provided the crossing (winter mined and transported from the forest wood).
(C) Valery Kazyuminski dried lone oak tree in the plains of the Neman, which likes to sit eagle. At one point, he let a me pretty close, but do not put the portrait image — because without oak Falcon
(C) Valery Kazyuminski Styrchak ancient maple districts Schorsy gave some strong shoots
It is next to the place where he grew oak Mickiewicz — a monument of nature, explains Valery. Around the library Khrentovich grew a lot of maples and yasyanev. They have lived all their time, almost nothing remains — that fell under the pressure of the wind, that lightning stabbed oh. This also tapped maple lightning, it broke and fell off, leaving only traces of burns on styrchaku.
"What is aging and leaves, and always wish hunt delay, that has departed and will not return, you need to keep in mind" — sums Valery Kazyuminski, creator of the series "Everything has its own age."
Bogdanovich: "I’m not alone …"
Many Belarusians, being now ulonkah resort Yalta Crimea, and seek out the path to the beloved grave — and just found it. Tatiana Alexeeva testifies: "Uncle, we asked about the place of the grave, carefully explained to all. Even taken aback when we asked how he knew about the Belarusian Poet, — they say, do not know how such a famous person …"
(C) Tatiana Alexeeva Under the star Venus. A sign indicating the direction to the poet’s grave. Yalta, 2007
(C) Tatiana Alexeeva Under the star Venus. At the grave of Maxim Bogdanovich (1). Yalta, 2007
(C) Tatiana Alexeeva Under the star Venus. At the grave of Maxim Bogdanovich (2). Yalta, 2007
The World Around Us
As well, there are gardens and grow their reddish pear! It’s not my sublime reverie. Shopping with refreshments from Yana Pavlyukavets: "I am sending to fatakonkurs diptych with my beloved reddish pears, which are often only good-quality people." In general, her second shot — not a clue to all of us that every garden should grow Belarusian-pink juice poured the best in the world reddish pear?
(C) It Pavlyukavets My beloved reddish pear (in the basket)
(C) It Pavlyukavets My beloved reddish pear (on the white rushnyk)
"Mushroom theme" out Kobrin — another post our favorite and constant participant Sergei Peles. In his commentary Sergey focuses on forestry svetavlonni, most fresh air and a good mood, and I will add that the very best mushroom happiness — fatavrazhanni for competition "My Belarus."
(C) Sergey Peles Mushrooms (1)
(C) Sergey Peles Mushrooms (2)
(C) Sergey Peles Mushrooms (3)
(C) Sergey Peles Mushrooms (4)
(C) Sergey Peles Mushrooms (5)
Mushrooms and Energy — associative and outside. Picture of Anton Yakutovych.
(C) Anton Yakutovich silhouette Energy
"In the picture — says Anton — perfectly clear pipe CHP-5, which is placed not far from Rudensk. Whitewashed" wings "of the parties — water fountains, which are stored in an artificial reservoir."
(C) Anton Yakutovich Closer to shore. Pripyat on Flatwater
The theme of state tourism product, which we touched on a week back, Misha continues Goat of Turov. "Through rare in the world Pripyat floodplain oak forests — writes Misha — stretched the 9 km long motorway. This road of sand and gravel cover and width of 6.5 meters on the specially protected areas in the former Polessye and absolute power zone tries to associate with the development of eco-tourism . To this "make" should look at the pictures that I send to the contest.» Forging about to put a lot of trees (see photo), not to mention the consequences that significantly disrupt the hydrological regime for rare Europe’s place. "
(C) Misha Goat Road-SOS in the Pripyat State Park, 2006-2007
(C) Misha Goat Road-SOS in the Pripyat State Park, 2006-2007
(C) Misha Goat Road-SOS in the Pripyat State Park, 2006 — 2007
Review on the photo of the Holy (Dzerzhinsk) mountains (see the last 12 th edition).
"Thank God — says Oksana Luniniec — my Bald Mountain near Zaslaul — not the highest in Belarus, and the most eminent. Suppose further and he was not interested, not counting writers, musicians and scientists. Sending two pictures with the presentation" Belarusian mythology "on Bald Mountain."
(C) Oksana Luniniec Presentation (1). Compiled by Ira Klimkovich jumping over the fire, in which burns the manuscript encyclopedic handbook "Belarusian mythology." Next music — Yarosh Maliszewski and Dmitry Sydorovych writer — Sergei Veretilo.
(C) Oksana Luniniec Presentation (2). Folklorist Vladimir Vasilevich and archaeologist Edward Zaikovskii under trees ill-fated lovers.
Two shots from Andrew Wyszynski of Luninets.
(C) Andrew Vishinskiy Polesskii mood
(C) Andrew Vishinskiy beloved Wreath
"Sam lived in Brest — wrote after the creator. — And not so long ago was in Ivatsevichy and directed attention to the fact, as there are many satellite dishes. Almost every flat" plate "! One of the houses I photographed using a mobile phone and For these surveys sending you. "They chose their TV", though my overall signature under these photos. So makarom suppose, Belsat certainly will have its own audience in Belarus! "
(C) Vlad Fisherman Belsat (1): they chose their TV, Ivantsevichy Brest region
(C) Vlad Fisherman Belsat (2): they chose their TV, Ivantsevichy Brest region
Polotsk — World — Shults …
Nesvizhski fatavrazhanni — popular in our contest. The smallness of the inferior world and Polotsk. With acquisitions — Sergei Kastrytski Svetlana Marchuk, Slava and Vadim.
(C) Sergey Kastrytski New Castle silhouette Nesvizhsky
(C) Sergey Kastrytski solid pace. (Note lead: creator, unfortunately, has not provided the necessary data for this picture, then a decent prize evaluation. Pluses I attach a photo directly from the base of significant items, which for some reason "hid" from us created: we litsezreem piece monument VI . Lenin in one of the corners Nesvizha near the central square. Neither the title nor the signature Sergei did not voice his own artistic position, and I’m sorry, that should do it for him myself. Together with those congratulate creator with indisputable fortune. I wish for! ).
(C) Vadim Hagia Sophia and the Dvina. Polotsk
(C) Vadim Hagia Sophia in Polotsk
(C) Vadim Hagia Sophia in Polotsk. Inter» ep
Svetlana Marchuk debuted last release. The current role of the competition brought her success (see below: "Photo of the week"). In Nesvizh subjects, says Svetlana, not enough property ("after filming another soap-box"), but, she writes, "these snapshots sign for me that is made specifically Nyasvizh. At the age of reason I came here in 2003, and Scene locations very impressed and fascinated me. "
(C) Svetlana Marchuk Disturbed sleep. Nesvizhski Palace six months after the fire in December 2002
(C) Svetlana Marchuk Magical expectation (dawn Nyasvizh). Wild lake view from the south-eastern side of the castle
Subsequent picture maker signed this poem:
Land of the Fathers. Shults. Dawn … Tranquility, a place quiet. The former with a future date, light and darkness, and a day or night.
(C) Svetlana Marchuk dawn Nyasvizh (east of the sun). Lake View Wild on the lock side.
(C) Svetlana Marchuk Nyasvizh Summer day. Lake Wild
(C) Slava castle in the world — a monument to the Global Cultural Heritage (1)
(C) Slava castle in the world — a monument to the Global Cultural Heritage (2)
(C) Slava castle in the world — a monument to the Global Cultural Heritage (3)
About grandmother, sky and pines
Fotaapoved Valerie Sectional amuses content and genre. Only that: there is a sky and pine trees, and grandmother on the set for some reason is not. So much respect and sympathy in words that hunt her build, Wise Belarusian, teacher and zhytstsyalyuba. Book creator "Portrait of the grandmother" and read the essay sent.
"Once, during my training in the Belarusian Collegium teacher Valentin Akudovich reading my article, said:" You grew up looking at pine … "And he was not mistaken at least live, so to speak, right values …
I grew up with his brother Alexander — he and passport Ales! — Grandma Wali. My grandmother — Valentine Adamovna Yubko — famous people. Excellent singing folk songs (s Pimen Panchenko at one time intended poem "Belarusian teacher"), helped by word and deed many of our writers and artists who currently already become classics. Grandmother taught me and my brother to speak to heaven with Zvyshnim, finding there in the heights of understanding, trust, honesty and salvation, to be nice to people, do not feel sorry for their own time, effort and attention, loves life, like any evolved fate . And my grandmother taught us to live, the highest pain loves our dear Belarus …
Grandmother lives on the edge of Minsk near Stepyanka. Her home is actually worth of pine forest. She grew up in lesnichovtsy grandmother (father Adam was a forester and a mother Vstsinni entire people, the tension of the adjacent villages, was a member for advice), because she is able to speak with nature and God — it is non-transferable skill passed on to us, their grandchildren. Grandma taught us to look at the sky and get answers from him.
And I decided to share with you a simple transparent realization of divine joy lurking … Blessed is not the one who looks at the sky — and the one who understands.
In the photo you can see the tall pines that strive in height, as the thoughts of the poet pines burned in the Blessed death suns pine that as a soul lyustruyutstsa in water on a background of heaven; feel intoxicating freshness … In short, to commune with nature, which is one of the guises Zvyshnyaga. "
(C) On Valerina pine looking …
(C) Valerina "We will leave in serried ranks …"
(C) Valerina Rukanne
(C) Valerina inverted height
(C) Valerina ROSNO Murogov
(C) In a lull in August Valerina
(C) Trying Valerina photo haiku
Picture WEEK
Adult children (prize — radio)
In addition to photos of Nyasvizh (see above) Svetlana Marchuk sent a composition that differs significantly from its past stories. Encourage the Belarusian youth theme — perhaps not the most important thing that has caused a preference for this sweet child scenes. Domestic scenes in our collection are lacking, temper, bright type nyavvazhanym remains, even toddlers, we all love to shoot, and occasionally appear on the pages of the competition. And it does not cause any selection. Just this topic until Human occurred. In general, it can not be called and easy to wait for some shaft … With the victory, Svetlana. We are waiting for the essay to get acquainted with the characters of your picture.
Road-SOS in the Pripyat State Park (prize — radio)
Pictures of Misha Kozel defined properties to topical reportage made, so to speak, in extreme conditions. Now state parks President Administration can force deported pick up the camera, to beat a man who takes not what is needed, etc. Misha grabbed good shots that leave no doubt: the country’s national treasures threat (at least, an infringement of the legislation). He is not afraid to follow the kidnapper, so this was not a scorching trail will take one day or half a day. A good example! Congratulations, Mike! Forward essay.
(C) Misha Goat Road-SOS in the Pripyat State Park, 2006 — 2007
Belarusians in historical fotaprastory (old family card) (prize — radio)
Publication Yuri Vysotsky of 5 fatakartak of old (see above) rather actualized the current release, but in the choice of images for publication created and identified certain personal characteristics, susceptibility to liberal values that can not be ignored in this category.
(C) Yuri Vysotsky Home photo archive. What’s New Village Smorgon district, 1960
Letter from Dmitriy Bodevicha (on the decision to give the prize of the heroine of his story "Expression Movement", 11 week):
"Thank you very much for being positioned photos, and for the fact that he was one of the favorites. This image was made at Pripyat, near the same place where the rafts together with photojournalist and journalist Valentin Zhdanovich and artist Peter Dracheva in July 1984 Vladimir Korotkevich headed for his last journey on the raft — the Earth under the snow-white wings.
In the photo the girl Ira from Lutsk Kachan (Volyn Polessye). This is our guest from Ukraine (State Union of Youth). If maybe I’ll get a prize and bring him in Lutsk Ira. I would be grateful if the radio of Liberty and the corresponding write a letter to Ira Kachan.
Respectfully, Dmitry Bodevicha "
Pochetaemy Dmitry! Your editorial on the address to send the prize of days and do everything because you require. Everything else for you. The best!
Wishing victorious light in your hearts and cameras
Valery Dranchuk

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