Myaleshkavichy: To Lukashenko saw this village, he froze to death and

Myaleshkavichy place that Mozyr district, known from 1432. Another 100 years ago there was a 292 yard, church, synagogue, public school, hlebazapasnaya shop, horse mill and a tavern. It was even his post office.
For Myaleshkavichy century lived, like all of our villages have changed beyond recognition. Instead of all this starasvetchyny in 1929 the village received the Order of the Red Banner. For an active role in the war against legionnaires Pilsudski. And together with the Order came and collectivization.
Until now, the old inhabitants Myaleshkavichav can not to forget his own life on farms. And talk about the farm as a paradise lost.
Ancient: "I’ll tell you how we were moved. They came and took away the houses scattered vvazili yes to the village."
Reporter: "Have you lived on farms?"
Ancient "on the farm. How lived themselves, it was the pigs pack. Their pigs did not take. Their cattle were — five, four, did not take. Father lived alone, and around his father’s sons lived. Stanavili Houses, own village was. And all kept their farms. dug pond to carp were his. "
Reporter: "Richly lived?"
Ancient: "A lot. All I was. Sheep were — six to eight. Was all his. Their sheepskin sewn, urablyali skin. And women have woven for themselves skirts made of wool. Thinly spun in a cage so constituted. Ouch! Lived, lived" .
A huge number of times I’ve heard crying for Belarusian kolkhoznitsa defunct Russian Union. But it was all pragmatic tears. In Myaleshkavichah first heard the unfortunate Soviet aesthetic circumstances.
Reporter: "And at the moment as Myaleshkavichy live?"
Old Woman: "70 100 thousand pension. What is life? .. We only remember those years when I was Brezhnev. How to readand "Was the bread cabbage kohlrabi."
Reporter: "A pity Russian Union?"
Ancient: "Of course. It is a hymn such a good game. Such national anthem! "Alliance nerushymy free republics paid forever majestic Russia!" And now his scattered, this hymn. As it skaverkali. Then October: open windows and doors. Voice of the cry of October. And now … "
And at the moment is really booming oktyabryatskoy voice sound more sparingly. Although we can not say that the government does not try to correct the situation.
In Myaleshkavichah built agrogorodok. In other words, built 10 houses, put new asphalt and near the House of Culture put brightest bench. Art club manager Alex Sachuk, stocky man with economic acumen eyes, father of nine kids, can not get enough of our era and its leader.
Sachuk: "When it happened very huge positive changes. I will not read — across the country. I can only say the scale of their farms. Lukashenko When I got 5 acres of land. Lukashenko When I managed to buy a tractor. Lukashenko When I got the car "lawn".
I do own beloved work. Here and in the clubhouse. I have nine children. To get the education they have, that they are more or less worthy of living, there is the land on which we operate. Because I have no claims against Lukashenko. And the same thing: you go to at least what the pensioner, inhabitant of our village — none of it disgusting not utter. "
I was careless enough to ask the emperor Alex combines farming and artistic control. The question was perceived as bad provocation.
Sachuk: "It seems to me you are not provoked, I have a sense of pride that my village so reincarnated. Feeling I’m ecstatic to their own villages. And, of course, would not trade it for anything Minsk nor Mozyr.
So what you need that the soul which wantedrather, it turns out. Soul does not need to rape. If the soul pulls into the village, and you will be against it to keep in town, nothing will come of it. It is necessary that the soul was free. And then his hands with his head will be free. "
I enjoyed sovereign Sachuk advice and went to find "at least some inhabitants of the village." Notable interlocutors met me at the other end Myaleshkavichav where fees are not painted, not laid asphalt, do not even work column.
On the bench sits a small company of older people. The old man in glasses is low, nimble and vociferous old woman in a man’s jacket and strong lady nearing retirement age. Meaningful conversation went. I finally figured out what the "agro".
Man: "plumbing laid here. Solely in one location and does not connect pralamalasya. And water is. At HCS we addressed — no money. This agro considered. As in New York — we have slums? A-ah, there … "
Reporter: "In short, Myaleshkavichy — a village of contrasts."
Ancient: "You know, we were suffering in war? Worse those led war. We true prisoners. 30 I did nine years of experience. 170 thousand in my pension."
Lady: "100 thousand! Makes month milkmaid milking cows — 100 thousand received on the farm. A director of the farm for themselves already bought two cars bought in Mozyr apartment and home. A milkmaid receives 100 thousand."
Reporter: "And who povinet?"
Lady: "Who sits in the area. Savchik there. It all ran. How he was in the chair? He was sitting under the communists, the communists went — under Democrats. He will sit at fascists."
Reporter: "And Alexander Lukashenko povinet not?"
Lady: "Handsome man. He did not know about it. To him more reported, he flew by helicopter to and slightly to their raskalatsiv. And it all lies. Think they say the truth? Bark! Steal right in his sight."
Ancient: "That he saw this village, this farm — he was stunned and would perish."
Lady: "Killed, fell to."
Reporter: "So what did he not coming here? Does not want to die, see."
Lady: "And even if he came here and. They surrounded him would. They would spend it — would make one street and led to on it. They would take us to him was not allowed. We told him to. They have uttered us — put and shoot as it will approach you at least for a minute. "
Reporter: "And how do people live on 100 thousand?"
Lady: "Five kids grown. I said that I mother of many … Order also introduced Lukashenko. They told me that I’m not supposed. Since I when Russian Union panarazhala still kids. Everything."
Ancient: "We need to bring forth the new."
Lady: "Yes. Begin at the beginning. A hoops burst. Sorry, that we joke."
Ancient: "I walk for a pension would go to Lukashenko. Was a day or three to 5, but told to all his zhysts. For 30 years, nine — 170 pension. She did nothing. How will vote for anyone in my life I will not go to vote . Never any deputies. "
Reporter: "A vote for Lukashenko will?"
Ancient: "For Lukashenko will be."
Agrogorodok as necessary from all heard it’s not the whole village. And only that part which can be show superiors.
Anna’s oldest resident Myaleshkavichav Pogorelov remembers village smoked in 1920, the Poles as dekulakize commissioners and in 1943 Myaleshkavichy nearly burned together with the residents. Rescued people myaleshkavets Yevsei Zakharenko, who worked for the Germans translator.
Anna: "Was such people, there works. So said. Richly fled. But at the time I did not ran away. I was a little Kohl’s father was home, Mom. And two sisters ran into the woods. So they came, came. And the same people were not many. "And where are the people?" "What you smoke?" — There, in the woods. And I say, "What drove the cattle to graze." They — "Ha-ha-ha."
And then burned Buda Kazimirovka. They already knew there people do not run away. With people burned. And we did not have a lot of people, it is not burned. And later, when they left, all muddled through the forest. So from God needed withdo itmu. So the Lord gave us suffer. "
Reporter: "So it turns out tha
t God is bad."
Anna: "Good morning. We are not good, my boy, and God is good. Sinned God."

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