Myshkovichi: Starovoitova When we lived under communism as

In district Kirovsk hard not to see the pointer on the farm "Dawn." The dimensions of this structure zhelezabetonnay impressive. Instruments not only shows the way past the farm-millionaire, gives a hint as to the traveler where he enter.
However, Myshkovichi and presently give odds though what agro. As a settlement struck in the years developed socialism! Cottages with weather vanes, Palace of Culture with conservatory, Genital clock tower.

I came to visit Basil Starovojtova. The lady who accompanied me to the bus stop to his house, a few suggestions I have described the current "Dawn."
Lady: "Men are pavyyazhzhali. Everyone spilisya not that still fussing about his own family, through 1st — exactly."
Reporter: "They’ve all gone to the Eastern Front?"
Lady: "Yes. This Zhlobin works. This trucker. Subsequent house — for Russia. Subsequent trucker."
83-year-old Vasily Starovoytov — a very fine man. Roman patrician profile, proudly planted head, expressive wrinkles — evidence of profound life, piercing eyes and a strong grip palm farming. This is the case when the age only adds to the beauty and grandeur.
Reporter: "What makingsmiling in the "Dawn", for you like it or not? "
Starovoytov: "If we talk in general terms, Belarus is going through difficult period. Entry into the era of market relations. It is late. Late under the influence of administrative press. If she razvivalsya though, because adjacent Our homeland, Ukraine, it would be easier. And so it’s tough. "
The main difficulty Belarus Starovoytov sees not in this manual.
Starovoytov: "Belarusians very konfuzliv people. They are not there yet, that rakes and forks take yes go. This takes time. And Starovojtova planted. Chosen was the only reason why my candidacy … I’m not the offender was, I did not steal anything. I was chosen in order to force all Belarusians silent. And do will. "
And at the moment to tear off our conversation with the chairman of the famous to talk to people. However, in Myshkavichah do not so simple. After all, the local folk some timidity emergency, she exudes the thirties of the last century. Here, for example, the former kolkhoz cowgirl:
Kolhoznicy: "Let them understand. This is not our business. Pays us that we worked."
Reporter: "And when the better off?"
Kolhoznicy: "When Starovoitova. Since funds were more prepared. And at the moment everything is expensive, and people do not raise the fee. And we do not raise the retirement."
Reporter: "What is your name?"
Kolhoznicy: "And what am I to you. Znaemitsa I will not. Which propaganda to write me."
I asked an old cowgirl remember — that was still decent at Starovoitova?
Kolhoznicy: "What we have collected the book at Starovoitova, I apartment in Minsk grandson bought and bought for yourself. And now that I have? From pension before retirement. Starovoitova We at … Wherever I beheld that if the metro. He We drove on a sightseeing trip to the resort. Bus In cucumbers, meat. Eat people, and move — for seven days at eight. skated on all towns. "
A few figures for completeness. A herd of cattle in the "Breaking Dawn" was once the 8000 goals. At the moment he dropped to one and a half thousand. Wages once stretched 700 rubles. Plus allowances for sobering up and quitting smoking. Now farmers must radvatstsa 300 tyscham. In short, they are not now to Minsk flats. But back to the conversation.
Reporter: "And you have no personal grudge against Alexander Lukashenko?"
Starovoytov: "There is no. Sulk impossible. I believe that only good should have dominion. It should win. It must happiness and peace to the people bring. Not have the right to sulk. He himself regrets. Sam said.
Sivakov was Minister such. Arrived in jail. Enters the chamber. 30 There are two people all expelled. Neither nachalnka bullpen anyone. One he’s with me. And said: "Lukashenko regrets that you have contacted."
Here Lukashenka can be appreciated. Such as Starovoytov, try to ruin.
But again I come back to myshkavitskuyu street. By the next collective farmer. Fifty years of drunken men.
Kolkhoznik: "When the Union lived everywhere perfectly. As read here. Alliance collapsed Starovoytov farm ruined. And that — is not it? Alliance collapsed and broke up the farm. All disintegrated. Implemented looted farm. We have one fleet was 500 machines. "Icarus" were in their farm. Starovoytov Then sold everything. poprodavat technique. "
Lingering cigarette farmer continued the familiar song:
Kolkhoznik: "When we lived Starovoitova as under communism. Only we have it, however, did not notice. Communism. We lived in" Dawn "- so no one in Russia lived. To us also went every day tourists Intourist. Met here, guests and artists. "
Me most in this story is striking not criminal case, and the ease with which the grateful people passed their own control.
Collective farmer: "If it pressed Lukashenko, stripped of everything. Who can intercede? Zastupissya you? I intercede? Own portfolio throw? Let Starovoytov had served. What’s he served? Telek, refrigerator. Lived Poor? Lived as lord in oil."
Reporter: "In the chamber where you were sitting, it was …"
Starovoytov "30 two people."
Reporter: "What were these people?"
Starovoytov: "Who the hell knows. Everyones. Criminals. There were murderers, thieves, and there were. Such as I was not. One killed his wife. 2nd neighbor killed. The everyday man, look at him — a man."
Reporter: "Did you take this story as a terrible dream, which is about to expire?"
Starovoytov: "I knew it was not fair. ‘Cause it was just a transfer. Relatively simple. Because at some point they will have to move on. Break me not so simple. I knew it was finished.’s What I said in court: "There will be time, and on my street there is a market."
Remember this maxim, that, say, a tragic story of the second time repeated as farce? On the history of arrest Basil Starovojtova it does not fit. Then there is the Shakespearean theme. Emperor Basil knows about his own deputy:
Starovoytov: "He introduced me to that orphan. Neither mother nor my own, neither ancestors. I helped him to learn from the collective farm. Could soul climb. And I trust could not realize it … And in a month, approximately Pronunciation in the machine: "I’ll be here in a month collective farm chairman, and Vasily Konstantinovich come put on handcuffs." True said. People heard. And I did not say. "
People and at the moment not enough that they say. Here, for example, is a sweet old lady, who, judging by the hands and face, worked all his life.
Reporter: "If Starovojtova planted, for you were not shameful for himself, for his friends, that none of Myshkavichav not stood up for its own chair?"
Old Woman: "In 1-x, all feared. And in-2, thought that would be great to live."
Reporter: "And it became better?"
Ancient: "And now I all the same. Get a pension and live. To go one daughter, to another, to the third. Descent was bad, but later changed their minds. Received funds. Excellent and all. "
But the fact that the head of the old one live help:
Starovoytov: "Average had an attitude. Chief bullpen, he was told that twice hero driven. They understood that all the same it is. Such was the noise. So many people came. Amerikosy were three times, sixteen people. Were from Australia from the Land of the Rising Sun, from China. My God, from all over the world! Chief bullpen went on leave immediately. "
Reporter: "And what is sorely lacking in there?"
Starovoytov: "There is no freedom. All sit in the box. Unjust power. So people
treat him … It is not clear how it will finish. Belarus — is not syaredneazitsyatskaya Republic. Not much, that he, the people, and killed Zatsyukany. He increasingly and more awakened. More and begins to think more. Well, he thinks that will happen tomorrow, and great wonders. "
Old Vasily rarely leaves the house. Sore feet. But I think it’s not only unhealthy feet. Here is just a brief dialogue with myshkavitskim farmers. Also a former inhabitant of communism.
Kolkhoznik: "Everyone was silent."
Reporter: "Why?"
Kolkhoznik: "Since you start to intercede — and go to the other side of the road. Behind the farm going."
Old Vasily treated me bacon and the freshest vegetables, wine poured guest from its own grapes. Led by bolshennomu planted flowers yard.
In that case featured five cars that stole Tipo chairman. In Starovojtova 24th "Volga", which it does not change for 25 years and has in immaculate condition. States that its centenary, he met behind the wheel of the car. That still the case before? ..
Starovoytov "Nothing decent he did not. For anybody. Abominable for me — too. No, did bad. But his a couple of times more. ‘Cause I have no right to sulk. Dobrynia overpowered. Can you laugh, but it’s true. Devils Him dream, not me. Him chore at the moment, but not to me. me perfectly. Grape wine each. Let him live and suffer — and expects punishment of God. So. Kary Almighty. "

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