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Vladimir Orlov’s book "Names of Freedom" can be downloaded in PDF format from our server:
• Vladimir Orlov, "Names of Freedom" — 2007. — 576 p.: Ill. (PDF 4,3 Mb)
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• Presentation of the book "Names of Freedom" in Mogilev, 23.09.2007

• Vladimir Orlov: "Freedom has many incarnations", 21.09.2007

• Presentation of books Vl.Arlova "Names of Liberty." Photos, Part 3, 21.09.2007

• Presentation of books Vl.Arlova "Names of Liberty." Photos, Part 2, on 21.09.2007

• Presentation of books Vl.Arlova "Names of Liberty." Photo., 21.09.2007

• held in Minsk presentation of the newest books Vl.Arlova "Names of Freedom", 21.09.2007

• Benita Ferrero-Waldner, through the "Names of Freedom" to get acquainted with Belarusian language, 21.09.2007

• P. Vasyuchenko: Impressive amount to freedom, 20.09.2007

• G.Buravkin about "Names of Liberty": "This book is very long expected", 20.09.2007

• Alexander Lukashuk about "Names of Freedom": Encyclopedia of Love, 20.09.2007

• Valentin Taras: "Behind every naming Liberty-unique destiny", 20.09.2007

• Andrei Skurko: "Names of Liberty" excellent read on the road ", 20.09.2007

• A.Pashkevich: "Vladimir Orlov was able to compile the state pantheon", 19.09.2007

• "Belarusian youth will read" Names of Freedom "in the textbooks," 19.09.2007

• V.Rakitski "Book V. Orlov extends national cultural process", 19.09.2007

• "Names of Liberty:" There’s every name — a sign ", 19.09.2007

• "Portraits Orlova — as if the poem in his own ekanomnastsi and saturation", 19.09.2007

• Vyachorka: "Names of Freedom" — not an epitaph, it is like a drop of living water ", 18.09.2007

• M.Zhbankov about "Names of Freedom": This is the story of the Belarusian patriotism, 18.09.2007

• "Names of Freedom" from Tadeusz Reytana to Avginya Denisova, 18.09.2007

• Shibeko Zahar: "Orlov has a unique ability lyakanizmu poetic", 17.09.2007

• Oleg Gordienko, "Vladimir Orlov made a small encyclopedia Belarusian freedom"

, 17.09.2007

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