Names of Liberty from Tadeusz Reytana to Avginya Denisova

Since January 1, 2006 to the days of Freedom 2007 in the morning broadcast of "Liberty" Vladimir Orlov spoke of Belarusian patriots, fighters for freedom and independence. First on Radio Freedom sounded an essay about a journalist and politician Igor Hermyanchuk. And in the book State pantheon opens Tadeusz Reitan, a fighter for independence majestically Duchy of Lithuania. Vladimir Orlov says:
"He was a Member of Parliament, and together with a few, unfortunately, colleagues protested against approval of the results of the first partition of Poland, when the Russian double-headed nails in Falcon vostochnobelorusskih hit land. Incidentally, Tadeusz Reitan in our history was the first politician who spoke Sejm meeting hunger strike .
Struggle for freedom and independence municipal unbroken from the XVIII century, when our historic homeland watch Protz — Lofty Duchy of Lithuania — was stopped and Belarus was captured Russian empire. "
"Eagles ran limit centuries"
One of the first readers of the book "Names of freedom" was a writer Adam Globus.
"When he published his eminent book" Country Belarus ", then I Orlova reproached that I miss the XX century. Most fruitful in the Belarusian culture, although the most spectacular of all today thousand-year existence of the Slavic world for Belarusians still have XX century. And Volodya eventually defected limit centuries and made a book about the pride of our civilization, specifically in the XX century. This is a big part of the book, "- says Adam Globus.
"It — Art Encyclopedia"
First Belarusian state encyclopedia XXI century styled book "Names of Liberty" white chairman of the SocietyRussian language Oleg Trusov.
"But unlike of old Russian and former Soviet encyclopedias it has a number of unique features. During 1-x, is the author encyclopedia. Posted by her husband, the famous Belarusian writer, that has historical professional education, and he has not built a named parameter as ordinary encyclopedia, or alphabetically, and by periods. So makarom We have cut our history from the first partition of Poland prior to the current Days ".
Made Vladimir Orlov figure many have dubbed unique. Writer did peryyadyzatsyyu latest national liberation movement developed aspects made appropriate systematization.
261 minutes, the last portrait in the book "Names of Freedom" — Avginya Denisova grandmother Vladimir Orlov. Without it, it would not have been traveling in space and time, without it there would be no writer Vladimir Orlov, and means and this book — says the creator.
More responses to "Names of Freedom" — the latest book from the series "Library of Liberty. XXI Century" — read on our website, also listen to in the morning and evening air with Mon until Friday.

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• Shibeko Zahar: "Orlov has a unique ability lyakanizmu poetic", 17.09.2007 • Oleg Gordienko, "Vladimir Orlov made a small encyclopedia Belarusian freedom", 17.09.2007

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