NBB: no country is interested in the collapse of the dollar

Bucks thrashes another record fall. Analysts are inclined to think that the situation affected the reported potential for lowering interest rates in the U.S. and uncertainty in the mortgage market.
Against this background, many professionals seem hurried management application of the State Bank of the proposed binding with 2008 Belarusian ruble against the greenback.
"The Funeral" bucks early?
Meanwhile, representative of the State Bank Anatoly Drozdov states that the final decision on the issue focus on the dollar even as it is not. But he is not inclined to dramatize the situation with the dollar exchange rate, which is immaterial provides:
"If the decision is bound to buck will be accepted, means, it will certainly be made. In other words, when the main lines will be approved at all, then there’s definitely proclaims what we pryvyazvaemsya as pryvyazvaemsya, and generally what is our policy for the following year. I think that the main lines of autumn already approved.
But I think that the "funeral" of the dollar until the advance. Most of the countries in the world in dollars keeps a significant portion of their reserves. And theoretically none country in the world, even one that absolutely does not like America, is not interested in a sharp decline of the dollar. Since money is lost. "
Managing Center problems of European integration Yuri Shevtsov believes that a gradual depreciation of the dollar does not affect neither the economic situation in the country, nor the welfare of the inhabitants:
"I think it does not affect. Not it is a significant drop — this one. A second — we only planned focus on the dollar, and it will become a reality in the best case at the end of next year.
Announced its intention to do, but not manufactured. And we have a lot of what is declared … Because something substantial from this should be expected. Little problem for the National Bank, and it is not for all, and for any of its offices. "
Reporter: "And for some people, the consequences can we expect?"
"That it jumped twice — then yes. And if this bit of interest, it is for the people did not particularly affected. Where people spend their bucks? In order more material gains. And the cost depends on them faster from the internal situation in the market than from these larger processes. "
Will the euro to give 1.5 bucks?
As predicted last chapter of the Association of Belarusian banks Misha Kovalev, in the following years for one euro will have 1.5 bucks. According to him, at the moment the National Bank in its own cash reserves and increase the share of the euro gold.
Expert recommends and Belarusian investors to diversify savings, putting them not only in the bucks, but in euros and Russian rubles.
But today the chairman of the association said Felix Chernyavskii states that the evaluation process should not be indiscriminately. After all, for anyone falling dollar — a positive process in the business:
"In the fall of the dollar depreciating we import. This is to some extent a profit when our course is stable. For exporters, on the contrary, it is not quite profitable if more measured rate of the Belarusian ruble exchange rate than the dollar.
There are a variety of situations, but some excitement, disturbing events in connection with the movement rate and due to the fact that the mortgage crisis in the U.S., we have not yet appeared. And I do not foresee that at some time to appear in connection with the acute difficulties. "
Special in counseling psychologist Dernakovski Misha says that hardly should expect an immediate response of ordinary Belarusians drop bucks. Because usually people do not react to the exchange rate, and real-world examples confiscation or seizure of funds:
"Countries with a measured or measured with political systems provide what means almost all the inhabitants are kept in banks and invested in some business projects.
We do not yet boast of it, of course, impossible. But the dynamics respectively, as we see, there is. At least, a sense of stability people have. Indeed, over the past few years asthem something harsh and drastic configurations did not work, no one stole deposits, funds are not expropriated lots, loud, so at the hearing, the processes in this area was not. Bythis people sometimes it means investing in the banks, the gold. "
According to many economists are independent, the binding of the Belarusian ruble to buck State Bank operated a real benefit. So makarom can produce devaluation of the Belarusian currency spisvayuchy process is not inflation, and the decline of the dollar.

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