New issue of Literary Belarus

As for contemporary creators, the project manager "Literary Belarus" Ales Pashkevich in most fresh room recommends first direct attention on essays and journalism:
"Literary Belarus" — a mirror of the current state of our literature. Because we are trying to cover extensive public displays of literature and government relations. Article Misha Scoble sees sertsavinnym. He summarizes the history of the mutual relations of the state of literature and the present regime. "
In the central lanes "Literary Belarus" — notes on the Nile Gilevich "Times Literary civilian and older." Room offers transfers Ukrainian poets.
Forward Ales Pashkevich knows:
"Translations of Taras Shevchenko to Misha Shevchenko. Convey greetings To all our friend from Bulgaria found Vylcheva, who turned 80 years old. Valcea found — elder Bulgarian literature and recognizable translator Bulgarian poetry on whiteRussian language, honorable member of the Union of Belarusian Writers. "
Ales Pashkevich wants to build not only the publication organ of the Union of Belarusian Writers:
"As a benchmark — that" Literary Belarus "extensively covered the national literary and social process in Belarus and abroad. Since issues of" Literary Belarus "published once per month, I would like, that the publication has presented all the best made in Belarus by our writers.
Because I would like the reader to "Literary Belarus" became not only the writers, not only prof philologists, and people who care about culture our country, of our civilization. "
• "Literary Belarus" otolstel, 30.07.2007
• Belarusian Writers Alliance issued the "Literary Belarus", 13.07.2007

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