News of certain events September 21

In Zhlobin KGB department cause student Euro Humanities Institute Cyril Atamanchyk. He said that previously he had seized white-red-white flags, literature and a block of computer memory:
"The main motivation that Tipo Zhlobin group acts" Junior Front . "
In the court of the Central *** district of Minsk now held the administrative process of a young activist Tatyana Tsishkevich. Damu blame for disobeying police. Clarifies member of the movement "For Freedom" Ales Lahvinets:
"If detained her friends, she asked the police department complaints book. She denied this and even detained. And when released, it was released to the court summons." ·
*** In City Court will now consider Baranovichy administrative affairs of opposition activists who were detained during trial member "Junior Front"Yaroslav Hryshchenya. Clarifies lawyer Sergei Housha:
"The courts will begin at 9 am on Arseny Pakhomov and Katya Solovevoj. Katia — from Polotsk. Arsene — from Minsk. For his role in a demonstration if it first time, I see that the tribunal gives a fine of three basic values. And for petty hooliganism — two. "

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