News September 18

Now Baranavichi will last courts over public activists, which were detained September 10th, when judged member ‘Junior Front"Yaroslav Grischenya. Earlier Baranavichi already fined six of his friends. Jaroslav Hryshchenya believes that this is an attempt to intimidate the young opposition:
"They say that at the moment oshtrafuem 5 basis, and tomorrow will plant all together one day. They think that young people are also astonished that. But none of those who time at one point went to the square, will never be afraid. "
In Baranovichi *** Now comes Tatiana Seviarynets — Mom sentenced to 17 days of Paul Sevyarinets serving a sentence here.
Now *** headquarters in Minsk in White CompanyRussian language public activists discuss the preparations for the commemoration of the victims of Stalinist repression.

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