Night Siege — 10 September

The forums portal discussions are news that in Belarus from January 1, 2008 is canceled registration. It will change the registration. Comments forum participants:
"Complete nonsense. Registration — even the title says for itself — be recording equipment. In other words, there are no restrictions in general should not be. And in an appeal, just fill the form: "I am so and so, I live here and there, a table and so on." Free on-site filled, surrendered — stamp in the passport and just got here. One appeal. How will I live, how many meters, and so on. — No one should worry. "
"Registration should also aim incarnation commitment control people. If you enter because you suggest — no military draft 1st inductee not catch. Because although you and for the constitution, but own a sacred duty under this constitution for some reason no one wants to do . A label about meters introduced in order to one month in a studio apartment 167 vietnamtsav not registered. "
"In the name written out and no need nothing else new … Although in general news excellent, at least some relief …"
Alexander Brechek in his blog talks about how someone came in handy a roundtable discussion on "Truth and heresy about the reunion of Western Belarus and the Belarusian SSR." Round Table was held in Minsk on September 6. "Of course, this is the usual standard dark Kremlin PR developed clear where and what mental forces. Already long Muscovite political strategists, exercising its ideological projects in Belarus (well, and in other post-Soviet countries), in most cases as a tool for use as a very" left " and very "right" that was clearly demonstrated in this case. Communists, veterans, Russian ultranatsyyalisty, troops, church Orthodox hierarchs, many of so called "Opposition" — that’s partly contingent from which recruited and usually pro-Russian "fifth column". We, apparently, made up the ranks of this column and BRYU … The idea is to This time puppeteers in Moscow was ordinary, as balalaika — eksplyuatuyuchy more unpopular among the people the idea of the independence of Belarus, Belarusians to try to incite the Poles, and simultaneously push again foreheads management Belarus and the West. And such makarom make the conditions for holding our country in Russian imperial influence. Oh, and "papiyaryts" again desired organization does not hurt. "
Website toad congratulates Belarusian KGB chairman Yuri Zhadobin congratulations: "Dear Yury! Team website" Belarusian frog "congratulates you on your prof … prazdnichkom with denkov tankista!, We hope that you will not defame entrusted to you responsibility such as management concept and our crystal vessel suitable organization of the KGB. AND YOU red-hot iron armor will walk on next accursed opposition, remembering his younger years spent on the tank ranges Our extensive Russian homeland, which has yet to restore Our sun-President. "
Blogger Marianne Vesenina notes positive developments in Belarusian addyalenni Philology, where she trained. There was more of Belarusian students: "Among the most interesting happened to me the question why earlier these people not read as their native language. It turned out that a large percentage of those who came from the village hesitate belaruskamovnastsi own, believing that language Township as before Russian. But when he heard that an indigenous woman from the town of Mariana prefers the Belarusian language, sure, disappointed in own views. Others are simply afraid to be looked at "the white crow", but still skeptical views, annoying words, etc. .. And here is the magic that appeared on Saturday in one of the windows taped there whether the dean, the indifferent graduate students, but the main thing taped "officially th nezdymalna" as such makarom (small pieces of paper on the glass) we have different information reddish "Friends! Be courteous to each other — speak Belarusian "
All interviews for the "Night of the siege," as any other proposals, texts and sounds on electric adresok Minsk on the answering machine Call 266-39-52 and send text messages to the number 391-22-24.

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