Night Siege — 17 September

The forums portal discussions are statement Alexander Lukashenko during a meeting with the Georgian Minister Interior Ivan Merabishvili about "decisive attitude on good relations with the Georgian brothers." Comments:
"It is very wisely. The main thing is not to be vindictive ";
"Against whom will be friends?";
"Starts trade with Russia for gas."
Blogger Alexander Brechek other day, September 17, defined his attitude to reunification days of Belarus: "First of the twentieth century in Poland, according to the conditions very unfair for us of so-called"Riga Peace" invaded western Belarusian lands — it is a historical fact. Signed this contract in Riga March 18, 1921 year as Warsaw and Moscow, at the same time without the smallest hint of recognition Belarusian interests. But still, the actions of September 1939 have allowed to increment our area almost twice the population increased from 5 million 562 thousand to 10 million 239 thousand people, and such makarom Belarusian people completely became part of the one, true, very totalitarian country.
…The main secular prazdnichkom year for at least some Belarusian was, is and will be a day March 25, 1918, when for the first time in history, was declared the independence of Belarus. From now on, we know — who we are and where our land. All other — secondary. "
Xenos_by blogger writes in his diary about the whiteRussian language"Notes metropolitan ZhZhstav that somehow stopped in Minsk, like" most inhabitants reads in Russian "," virtually all they say in Russian, "made me smirk on his face and only idea: where is their in Minsk so made. And bam here: this week met in the town three people: two schoolboys in a tram, and even girlfriend that was on the phone "nepanarmalnamu …"
Long live Belarus! :) ".
The network has a website Belarusian audiobooks. You can listen in format MP3kavalki collections of "Maxim Bogdanovich. Verses", "Belarusian folk tales", "Vladimir Orlov." Plague Time "in the performance of Victor Manaeva Galina Kuhalskaya, Vladimir Tsesler and Leann Derkach. Bagdanovichavy" Butterfly "in the performance of Victor Manaeva.

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