Night Siege 3 September

Blogger salihorsk remembers about trial youth Ivan Shyla, which will begin in Saligorsk September 4. Schoolboy trial on criminal charges "for his role in an unregistered organization" "Young Front"" If you have decided to go to Soligorsk, it is easier to use the services of private taxi companies. "
On the website "little letters" located verses Azarko Anastasia — Young Front, which will be judged at the same time with Ivan Shyla, but not in Soligorsk and Nyasvizh. Verses "Do not disturb":
"You — briefs. Fade from your ears already skavytannyav, gentlemen, stunted world stuffiness in this winter thunderstorm pores. You spit on Revival — All drowned your bodies greed — With ideas produced landfill So not orite about rabies power! ..
You scared the NIGHT MODE storm, you have exhausted the good suppression … Do not stir the same pitch Sevyarinets! Do not interfere Young frontage!
"I could be wrong, but vysheyapublikavanyya poems belong to more social and political spheres of life than the actual literature";
"This is not politics, in verses so smoothly people can only write what really affects dushu.A that love for Belarus became a political matter, not guilty of poets …"
Blog Voysha Milovidov discussions are news that the policy Anatoly Lebedko and Sergei Kalyakin "almost died in a car crash." Politics identified that the car in which they vorachivalis from Brest turned undocked wheel, and they checked out at all the tested car without damage. The blogger writes: "Something remembered how Lukashenko and Shejman were shot under Liozno in the 94th …" Comment: "I do not think the election is far, far away. Nobody shot, yes, knowing both personally, do not think they could find this worthy …"
czyk in his diary quoted article Paul Sevyarinets where the politician knows, as requested in the store, "tea", and did not understand him, and Paul claimed Seviarynets book complaints. Blogger commented: "This is no best razmavlyanne than running with natsshtandaram on Panikovke: zero sense, meaning zero, only sweat and bluff. What would happen if, in the first store to clarify that for the tea such if just smile saleswoman and reveal the secret. " Reviews:
"Yes. But we do not know with what intonation said Aunt Seviarynets. If, as we think, the Pasha is very much mistaken. He should smile and specifically explain";
"I am confused by the number of attempts: 4";
"Who, it mustTo whom — a cup of tea, and to whom — to see how everything is bad. "
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