Night Siege — August 29

The forums portal discussions are hot news in Minsk stopped work to refurbish the former Bernardine monastery into a hotel complex. This decision was taken Minsk city executive committee — a request from Mozyr activists. Comments forum participants.
"Thank God! More several days reverse it seemed indescribable … "
"Excuse me, but how much" bernadyntsav "well in Minsk in Belarus and in general, and why this situation outside of Cyril and Methodius so disturbs some people especially concerned Mozyr?"
"Not in the Bernardine case and not in their number in Minsk (Belarus even in general). Doing the temple casino with sauna at the moment — the same what to do with church stables as it mattersthe Bolsheviks. "
Living in a society magazine by_politics someone Kachanov quoted Alexander Lukashenko: "No nomenclature, clan, bureaucratic or even a careless privatization I will not tolerate," — said in April 2007 Lukashenko’s own yearly letter to deputies and the people of Belarus. — "All businesses will be sold only on a competitive basis, or through an auction. Compete among themselves are not names or patrons, and business plans and social support programs from the workforce … List of all objects … which are rented or sold, must be located in the public domain … Everyone who wants to have to have the opportunity to participate in the competition … No clandestine transactions … "- Then said Lukashenko. Did not could anyone give a hint where and when an ad was posted on the tender or auction for" Wellcome "Minsk" Motovelo "and" Beltransgaz "publicly available? Very hunt look."
"What poison President What he done for you? — Commented readers community. — That you believe President stole money? After all, he said — not steal! His wordsand — armor. "
The network has a new website Kurapaty — shrine of the Belarusian people You can find a sample of historical articles about Kurapaty also a chronicle of events that occur in the People’s memorial.
Blogger Eugene Lipkovich found in the web article "If you hear the" voice "of the newspaper" the glory of the motherland ", and can not share it with the readers of your own blog." After much consideration our ideologues decided to reincarnate "Belarusian military newspaper" in the real trash, in other words flag ideological struggle. "" In the Glory of the Motherland "addresses for threads through Western propaganda" radyelagasy "sees and then some honey nuances.
A web site is now happening webcast soccer match. Now through this web site, you can watch the game "BATE" Rumanian "Stsyava."
All interviews for the "Night of the siege," as any other proposals, texts and sounds on electric adresok Minsk on the answering machine Call 266-39-52 and send text messages to the number 391-22-24. Prior to the meeting in off-line.

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