Night Siege September 12

Comments Entries nicolaev:
"The Conformist";
"Milinkevich goofed, so what difference will there thinking 66-year-old Prime maryyanetachny» er?";
"Milinkevich makes misinformation. To Putin thought that antirossiytsami not here, come here and they are both here."
On forums portal discussions are about 2-Belarusian people convicted in Russia for 14 years. Men brought from Belarus to Moscow to order one of the legitimate pharmacies in Belarus product "Tussal." Traders do not know that under Russian law product falls under the term "psychotropic substances." And by European standards and norms Belarusian pills allowed for healing even toddlers. Comments:
"And what is all the same for an alliance with Russia. Their her wedding, we — his own. Try to Understand which can be, and what not. Nowhere do not they say ";
"Soldiers on drugs" have found prolazili to earn Stars on the shoulder straps — to find a web of onlookers ";
"As usual Belarusian authorities do not care about their own people involved in failed overseas. "
Kryviec says on his blog about "litsvinizm" and "rusinskasts" Belarusian State of the project: "Formula" litsvinskastsi "on my eyes: Baltskasts — idolatry — aristocracy — Latin civilization (in the database as pre-Christian, but historically found in the church, Protestant or Unitarian form). Formula "rusinskastsi": slavyanschinu — Orthodoxy — zapadnorusizm (optional lukashism) — Byzantine civilization. "Comments:
"Sacralized monarchical thought is the only solution to this situation: one hundred percent organic combination of all parties tradytsyyanaliskaga movement";
"But the goal — to make the newest religion, prettier for all available!"
Blog discussions are fox_unexisted information about the probable lack of Belarusian alcoholic beverage under the name "champagne". The beverage is made from apples and This year not collect these fruits. Comments:
"A taste of the drink resembles the smell of apples zgnilyh, rubber boots trodden down";
"They would make it even tried to make potato";
"With skis!";
"We do Venezuelan bananas champagne. They are cheaper."
damavik talks about the fans communicating in blogs, namely on the website "Live journal": "Most 19-year-olds and ladies. This will give twice as many boys. So makarom absolutely affirms the idea of the therapeutic effect of LJ. In fact, a large part consists of "vulnerable groups of the world’s population." Learn constructed through social networks, which is unrealistic to build in reality. There is only one problem. Where in all this sex? By truth, very sad to realize that sex and not so fundamental to the very existence of the matter of social bonds. Even hurt from what people can not stand to live, and without social ties not at all! . "
All interviews for the "Night of the siege," as any other proposals, texts and sounds on electric adresok Minsk on the answering machine Call 266-39-52 and send text messages to the number 391-22-24.

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