Night Siege September 4

Now Soligorsk and passed Nyasvizh Trials activists of the unregistered organization "Young Front" Ivan Shyla and Anastasia Azarko. They blamed on criminal charges "in the role of an unregistered organization". Tribunal fined Anastasia Azarko to 1 million 240 thousand rubles, Ivan Shyla issued a warning.
Oh, so guests are responding to this newspaper "Nasha Niva":
Lis: "Shame country that judges young for her eyes … Thank God that this is not a white-red-white flag. "
Liusterka: "repeating! Succession of generations of political prisoners and their executioners: Ernest Sabila Nyasvizh met with Anastasia Young Front Azarko, granddaughter of prisoners of the Gulag Alexander and Mary Azarko trial for the continuation of the own grandfathers."
XXXX: "When What does the God? What kind of moaning? Go there and support the youth! Damn, boys alone with riot police, and the echo of these events only websites perakotvaetstsa. "
Supreme Tribunal Belarus began hearing on so called "Polish spies." 4 people of Belarus accuse of treason, they are threatened imprisonment from 7 to 15 years. More 1st defendant besides blame espionage. On charges of these citizens were engaged in clandestine intelligence in favor of the Polish secret services. About the arrest of the "Polish spies" KGB said in July.
The news caused live commentary on our portal

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