Night Siege — September 7

On forums portal discussions are news Minsk Watch Plant "Ray" may implement a foreign investor. This was stated by the agency BelTA Deputy Economy Minister Oleg Melnikov. He also said, what you need find an investor and put him some criterion, for example with respect to preserving jobs. Oh, so these statements react participants forums:
"Sorry, it still sell for scrap or he will invest funds investors to re-production?"
"Again, offshore-onshore … tender shall speak … By the way, pochetaemye plant — state property, in other words with you in our including. He works for our taxes … What it did for privatization is that? "" With the brain. At first, find an investor, later will dictate terms. As is, hunt laugh and cry. Take Abramovich for trunk impose it against the will of the factory, and later will push his face in the paper, saying: "Look, these are our conditions." Year, if investors milled front door … "
"Idiotic this is fiction — oblige to keep all jobs. If I as an investor wish to improve the creation, I put a new set of automatic. This means that 70 percent of the jobs I did not need. And with such criteria I just upgrade the creation of uneconomic."
In a society "living magazine"

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