The American company Northrop Grumman presented the latest development, which she plans to continue to be installed on the F-35 fighters: using a laser gun South American engineers are going to protect combat aircraft missing from Libyan warehouses with portable anti-aircraft missile complexes

Promising laser for fighter fifth generation F-35 received the title of «Security resource Reset risks» (Threat Nullification Defensive Resource, ThNDR), it is not a weapon of attack, and is designed for defense. It is noted that Northrop Grumman makes it at his own expense without funding the Pentagon, but the company put their trust that the U.S. military intrigue this development.

ThNDR relates to means of infrared countermeasures: is the interference created to distinguish them from the course of missiles with infrared homing. The missile is guided by infrared radiation from aircraft engines, and tools designed to counter missile to shoot down «confused» and bring it to the side.

All combat fighters rely on the exhaust system thermal wrong purposes: to evade rocket plane produces several traps and tries energetic maneuver to evade hits. But, as previously have reported to news «RF gun», maneuverability F-35 corresponds to the fighters of the third, not fifth generation (for example, the MiG-23ML, decommissioned Russian Air Force), and completely rely on thermal trap he did not may: a missile maneuver forces it is very slow down. For this reason, he is not able to show such as acrobatics, as the Su-35 or other modern Russian aircraft.

Together with those for the F-35 is unacceptable installation existing stationary infrared systems of oppression that directed infrared or laser beam «gone» rocket on «the wrong track.» For example, the system Northrop Grumman DIRCM, which are mounted on military transport aircraft and helicopters, including the AH-64 «Apache» or used in Russian Russian Helicopter complex «President-S» protrude from the body and quite massive. Because such devices could void the F-35 its head dignity — invisibility to radar. Hard to fit them in the assembly and a fighter.

According to the plan Northrop Grumman, ThNDR actually protrudes from the body and can laser beam in the infrared spectrum to reject running on the F-35 missiles, reports DefenceNews.

According to Jeffrey Palombo (Jeffery Palombo), senior vice president at Northrop Grumman defense systems, in current time programm F-35 does not imply the installation of stationary anti-missile systems, but the company believe that in the future a similar need arises. At the same time, according to Palombo, such systems require a South American military and the new F-15 modifications. The official account Twitter Northrop Grumman stated that the main reason for the introduction of similar developments — the loss of thousands of hand-held anti-aircraft complexes from military depots during the civilian war in Libya in 2011.

Pentagon reaction to the proposal while Northrop Grumman is unknown. Previously, such systems are not installed on the fighter as a directional infrared or laser beam is very difficult to keep in this direction with huge loads. One of the users in Twitter saw that presented by the standard is not yet even the layout, as it is only printed on the 3D-printer model. On when the company plans to test the system on a real fighter, not reported.

It must be emphasized that similar laser station optoelectronic oppression and developed in Russia.

Developers Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II planned that it will be a cheap candidate other South American fighter-«invisibility», F-22, but its development has already spent nearly $ 400 billion, and the time elapsed since the first flight of the F-35 in in 2006, he had not been adopted by, and his seasoned standards constantly experiencing technical difficulties temper. For example, in March 2013 revealed that the fighter is unrealistic to operate in a cool climate.

First, in August 2013 some media said that the Pentagon plans to finish the program from the F-35 because of its excessive overhead.

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