Now — a day of solidarity

Now began a day of solidarity in Minsk shares on main post office. 10s youth activists came here and sent letters of support to political prisoners Dmitry Dashkevich, Alexander Kozulin, Artur Finkevich and others. Also greeting the political prisoner Andrei Klimov, who tomorrow day of birth.
One of the organizers Valentin Sokolovsky said:
"This is the casel youth movement "Initiative". Fact, that we have a first political "recidivist" in Belarus. Unfortunately, it was Andrei Klimov. Incidentally, safe enough for people power. But only for the fact that he dared to express their thoughts, their feelings, he was again arrested on two years.
This is the fifth day of birth, which meets in the slammer Klimov. Because we decided to congratulate him, that he kept, so as not to forget that it will expect him to believe. And just to express my gratitude for his determination. "
In the hallway, the main post office in Minsk on duty about 10 spenazavtsav and individuals in civil, who were watching the protesters, even when they came out of the building. On the street near the post office was a paddy wagon. But the protesters are not were detained.
The current day is remarkable that 8 years ago disappeared Viktor Gonchar and Anatoly Krasovsky. Zinaida Gonchar said:
"A heavy day, that read, same. 8 years already. Can not forget about it. It can happen to even the kind of person, if silent, if not seek or try to forget about what happened. On another it can lead to very sad consequences for many of those who somehow manifests itself in the political arena. "

Letter of support Dmitry Dashkevich.
Valentin Sokolovsky and Valery Shchukin send letters to political prisoners.
On the street near the post office was a paddy wagon.

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