Now anniversary at the Young Front and the Belarusian Republican Youth Union

"The general is that both organizations are working youth, — says one of the creators of" Young Front " Paul Seviarynets. — On this, perhaps, the similarities and ends. Since the base of "Young Front" is — faith in God, love for one’s homeland, freedom, truth and justice.
Ideological base BRYU (because it acts) it — buy the youth through incentives, protection mode, which destroys all Belarusian. Because it’s ideological opponents.
But if the "Young Front" can be called the youth movement, the Youth Union — is a municipal structure. A principle of youth policy globally similar: the more independent youth organization, the more effective it is. BRYU — appendage state machine, and therefore it can not be effective specifically as a youth organization. No matter how many hundreds of thousands of young people there either formally recorded, will be less effective BRYU for "Young Front", in which presently tyscha or fifteen hundred young people. "
First secretary of the Central Committee of the Youth Union Leonid Kovalev in turn, recalls that in the beginning the organization’s membership was about 30 thousand people. At the moment there are more than 400 thousand. "No administrative resource, for which we were scolded, or other means now we can not force the young man to enter into that or any other company without his desire," — said the emperor Kovalev. But his answer to the question, what is the difference between the Youth Union and "Junior front":
"The difference is one — we constructively their country. I can even say this: we raise young people in a constructive direction. A "Young Front", it seems to me, is doing the opposite. I believe that must kanstruktyvnastsi awareness in the public at least some of the youth organization. And if we build our very young country, its Belarus together with young people, it’s fine, it’s true. "
Paul Krasovskii of Zhodino in "Yuen front" from 1999. He says that during this period, along with his comrades made a lot of different design and specifically relevant cases. Paul is aware of the latter, together with customized Smolevichsky Malady:
"We conducted an environmental campaign Plisa cleaning river that flows through and Smolevichy Zhodino. Worked seven days, several tons of trash taken out. Shares held consulate inspection of environmental protection, as were interested in cleaning all. Rechka nobody, except us, and not cleaned.
Almost half an hour after, as we went by boat and cleared the river, people have the opportunity to swim in places that they previously avoided, as there were traffic jams, garbage, nasty smell from the river. They began to swim and very grateful. "
Now in the evening in the office of the BPF party to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the "Young Front" planned celebratory meeting with congratulations. On this anniversary as an invite to share solidarity of all those who passed through the movement this time and support the Young at the moment. And on September 8 Krapivenskaya field near Orsha held shows with music contests and quizzes.
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