Now festival Be2gether perform three Belarusian group

Correspondent "at the festival all dancing, having fun. Just acts very popular South American group "New-york ska jazz." Folk dances, very warm perceives this group, he plays more than the scheduled time, because it’s really cool.
Many Belarusians wrapped white-red-white flags. Just we met the Ambassador of Lithuania to Belarus Bagdonas sovereign, who is satisfied with the organization. Near paabal road — campgrounds. There Belarusian tent, which also soar white-red-white flags. Sufficiently relaxed atmosphere — beer, kebabs … "
Kalinowski: "And who of Belarusian musicians arrived at the festival?"
Reporter: "On Saturday in the program will be three groups of Belarus -" IQ 48 "," Liapis Trubetskoy "and" Drum Extasy ". They will hold a press conference and speak at the 2-scenes. Here are two great scenes, and alternately on one and the other live music. Saturday — specifically Belarusian day. "
Kalinowski, "August 9 Belarusian Foreign Ministry issued a statement in which urges" to prevent hostile propaganda campaigns, nedabrasusedkay, anti-Belarusian orientation "of the festival. Either you have not seen that" anti-Belarusian provocations "in recognizing the MFA?"
Reporter: "That we, thank God, have not yet seen, but in Vilnius yesterday was a press conference former mayor of Vilnius Arturas Zaokasa, and he talked about the event, which will be in 2009: Vilnius-European Capital of Culture. And this festival begins preparation for two years earlier.
I asked the question — how do you react to the statement of the Foreign Ministry? He said that the it is very positively when we turning their attention, it was such a nice moment. He also said that at one time was a great concert in Berlin between the walls — here, too, such apendyks Lithuanian countryside, which juts out into Belarus, almost near the border, and there, too, heard the music. Want to make a scene over the border, so it was such a typical bridge — this time it failed, but in 2009 will be excellent rock festival, and that’s where he promised, this scene will be installed over the borders. "
Festival "Be2gether" and held to support democracy in Belarus, 24.08.2007

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