Now the presentation of the book by Vladimir Orlov Names of Freedom

"Names of Freedom" — historical portraits rebel prisoners and XVIII century XXI, recognizable by whole world personalities and people who knew only their friends, which abyadnovala love for freedom and the homeland, and whose creator, Vladimir Orlov, included in the pantheon of Belarusian freedom and independence. Book can serve as a guide for writing novels, movies withdrawal thesis, the configuration space of titles and so on. "- Said in a statement to" Names of Liberty. "
To be continued …
Director of the Belarusian service of Radio Liberty Alexander Lukashuk finished his intro to "Names of Liberty" deal "to be continued".
What will be the continuation of the project "Names of Liberty?" Alexander Lukashuk notes that this book is unique in that it has a beginning but no end.
"On his own idea on its own formula, this task is never complete until the will to live. And in practical terms, it means subsequent. In 1-x, in the book includes not all programs aired and heard the waves of Radio Liberty. This explains just a limited amount of books.
In-2, has after, as the transfer is completed, the list of possible characters books added. And for that we had created brand new programm "Wreath of memory." In this program we ask tell about those people, who have left this life, but that were important to you and Belarus . "
For last year, said Alexander Lukashuk, in the program "Memory Wreath" sounded many names that are also worthy to be included in this book.
"So Makar, the very idea is not the end of the transfer, and, we hope, that if this book now appear on the Web, it is essential to expand its presence in the information space and such makarom more enticed new ideas, new names, new figures "- the director of the Belarusian service of Radio Liberty Alexander Lukashuk.
"This brand new page in the history of Belarusian literature"
In the series "Library of Liberty. XXI Century" has published a book "The poem on freedom," "Road through Kurapaty", "Bulls on Freedom," "Doolin from Baradulin", "The Adventures of Ara in Belarus", "Dawn", "Belarusian Atlyantyda "," size "and" Album of the home. " Latest page in the history of Belarusian books described as "Library" Freedom, "the poet Anatoly Vertinsky.
"I appreciate this exciting, innovative in a bold initiative of the Belarusian service of Radio Liberty, as the publication of the library, such different and aimed at a specific subject, and ideologically, and in terms of genre. This brand new page in the history of Belarusian books in history Belarusian literature in general. "
As for the actual book "Names of Freedom", then Anatoly Vertinskij believes that another good deed done in the name and for the best bit of Belarus.
"Alexander Lukashuk in its own encyclopedia entry refers to a collection of love, love for the motherland. I would also add that this is a typical encyclopedia state of mind, like the famous Requiem typical "days of rage" where mourning motifs interspersed with sublime zhytstsestsvyarzhalnym optimism, faith, hope and love, "says Anatoly Vertinsky.
Presentation of the book "Names of Freedom" in Minsk and the Web — September 21. The address in Minsk — "Varvashenya", 8, beginning at 18:00. The address on the web —

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