Observers complain about violations of Vitebsk

By Boris Khamaida, which conducts surveillance on site 34-Vitebsk Railway Area number 19, now in the morning members of the commission said that the vote at home expressed a desire to 300 people, but written statements from their show refused. According to the list, this is the third part of voters registered on the site.
"At 9:40 am and took the portable urns are going to go. Observers to question how much people will to vote at home. Said that about three hundred, but the lists are not shown. Statement was made to the prosecutor, the prosecutor came and talked with the Commission and said that will give an answer in writing. This was also said observers from the OSCE, "- told Boris Khamaida.
At the polling station number 44 in Vitebsk-rural district number 21 observers took a very awkward place. Early in the morning protest statement this occasion wrote opposition candidate Avtukhov. But no response from the prosecution, although, according to the electoral law, must respond immediately.
About dilemmas with supervision and told Vitebsk activist Misha Bruslyakov. As trustee candidate Evrakaalitsyi Igor Kanygina he works at a polling station number 43 Vitebsk-Chkalov electoral neighborhood. Election Commission refused to give him information about the number of voters on the site.
Human rights activist Paul Levinov, which oversees the election as a trustee candidate Andrew Lyavinau, own brother, vyznat voting results in closed areas — in a military unit in the 2nd regional medical clinic. Then he interviewed voters — and, according to his calculations, the number of votes for the candidate-independent, was considerably more than that figure, dubbed by the election commission.

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