Observers point to coercion on premature vote

Observers from the UDF indicate mass forced premature vote. Workers living in hostels, lamented the enormous pressure to force them to go to a premature vote. By Bukhvostova, there posed puzzles, 70% voted early. The same situation was observed in student dormitories. For example BSUIR students who did not vote were not allowed in the hostel. In BSTU posed puzzles, early voting 100%. For example Kolasauski surrounded by 2-sites in four a day or more than 90% voted.
In Rechitza friend electoral commission Oleg Shabetnik denied the right to sign the ballot paper. Usually it is signed by three members of the commission. By Bukhvostova, faster is the reason that "it is necessary to fabricate what papers you need to change, and they must be signed ".
Surveillance coordinator in the Minsk region Nicholas Pokhabov told that Slutsky constituency policemen helped voters to vote for a premature vote "right" person. It was on a plot number 7 and number 29.Byla even complained. In PUKHOVICHY constituency number 73 members of the precinct commission also offers services such voters. In Zhodinskaya surrounded by members of the precinct commission asked to vote for a certain candidate from power.
Nicholas Pokhabov also told that the plant BATE administration campaigned in early voting. The inhabitants of the hostel plant BATE had celebrated in the commandant that they had voted.
Now Borisov at the polling surrounded number 62, where running Anatol Bukas, proxies are not allowed to go to the polling station Tipo, because they were not registered. Although trustees have the right come at any time of at least some portion.

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