Oil may disappear from the stores?

Rising prices for oil Ministry of Economy explains the increase in raw material prices up to 40 percent or more.
In September, the shops did oil, which cost over 30 percent. To curb prices, the Ministry of Economy ordered reduce trade gain from 30 to 15-20. But the price tags in stores practically not changed.
In Minsk store "General Market" Oil prices reached 4980 rubles per liter. Lena met store manager explained:
"It was an order, so. But we were getting oil before disposal — got 10 boxes. And like oil we old. With 30 percent. Revaluations we did not spend. Later it will be cheaper. 15 percent gain, and everything."
The Ministry of Commerce refused to explain the situation and directed "Belgospischeprom."
Head of Department Navumchyk prices Larissa said:
"In the order itself does not stipulate that must have done reassessment. When a brand new batch of oil, then must generate cost with the addition of this. "
Tatiana Zyatsikava representative Gomel fat plant where razlivayuts oil and create from it margarine and other products, said that the supply of oil decreased:
"Our homeland is not yet realizes. If the biggest producers, the 1293-1300 dollars per ton, Our homeland offer. Ukraine on last week was the cost in 1140, the cost jumped yesterday — sold for 1240. All in wonder and anticipation of what will be on. Many manufacturers have just completed a sale at the moment. They are at a loss, do not know what will be on. "
In this situation Gomel fat factory crosses on Russian raw materials:
"We are at the moment actually defected to rapeseed oil, at home purchase. Entire creation on rapeseed oil. Oil is bought only for bottling, for assortment. And all the products are made only from rape."
At Minsk Margarine Plant uttered that from October 1, the price of mayonnaise and other products will rise only 0.5 percent, as confirmed by the government.
Economist Yaroslav Romanchuk believes that the government’s attempt to fix prices may lead to the formation of dark oil market:
"Sale of oil increase, which are regulated — all this socialism. This is from a planned economy. If planned economy does not work this situation, then just need to turn to the market, which provides a global amount for which all the world become. If the government will insist that oil is sold for any price, it will disappear from stores. Appears dark oil market. "

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