On my site no nominee

Reporter: "One of the polling stations Grodno-Central Electoral Area is located in the main building of the Institute of Yanka Kupala Street Orzeszkowa. Pointeresuemsya either voted early or students whether they intend to go to the polls at all?"
Student: "I did not vote in the community going, but now I will not, on the 28th …"
Reporter: "And your group read as teachers, it is necessary previously to vote?"
Student: "No, I had read. This can only be except in the dormitory, and so the group is not being driven to the polls. I Faculty of Construction and Transportation."
Reporter: "It began a premature vote, they say teachers students that need to go to vote?"
Teacher: "I do not read your such."

"Have you heard of such a phenomenon, whether it is?"

"I do not know about that. Maybe there is, but I do not have such data."

"Okay, let’s pointeresuemsya students."
Student Philology: "Prematurely No, nobody reads us."
Reporter: "In your group: yourself, your friends — when they are going to vote for?"
Student: "28th, but on my site no nominee. Though I still do not know — go to the polls if I quite apolitical person itself for itself."

Student Land Institute:
"Nope us nobody pressured."
Reporter: "You’re not going to vote early?"
Reporter: "And your friends?"
Student: "I think, too — no."
Reporter: "These results are concise survey of students of early voting, which began on Tuesday."

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