On organizations such as Youth Union funds in this power will always be

Tsigankov "repaid the funds that the government contributes BRYU? And how can we measure the effectiveness of any aspect of the use of these funds? "
Martinovic: "History BRYU I would have divided in two steps — steps coupled with the existence of the current Belarusian state power. First step — a step the existence of such" media dictatorship ", we are looking at the moment, for example, in Russia. For her existence do not need to put in thousands of bullpen, destroy the physical layer, and so on.
In this first step BPYU-BRYU existed as not numerous organizations from which demanded that its representatives at a certain time to come to a specific location and in front of lenses made BT role adherents Alexander Lukashenko. Its real size on the step was unimportant.
In the second step after the change of control BRYU started really transformed into a massive company like Komsomol. In its ranks began to take all. "
Tsigankov: "But can you recall in this regard generally whereby — the greater the mass organization, the less it truly ideological and thus the least effective is it? "
Martinovic: "Here indeed there is a question about the effectiveness of this aspect of the definition. If we consider as an aspect of how many members of the organization shares the ideas that BRYU highlights as the program, then — the more massive BRYU became, the less there people wasand somehow ideologically colored. But the main reason for existence is BRYU it be organization with possible a huge number of members. Does not matter what their shares — just as a lot of members. "
Tsigankov: "What awaits Youth Union in the future? We will not take the case of change of power — here, everything seems clear. But in the short term, taking into account the economic difficulties of the Belarusian budget? "
Martinovic: "In organizations such as Youth Union funds in this power will always be. Even if gas will cost $ 200 and All other means completed.
But a very great danger to the Youth Union presents this brand new organization — "Snow White Rus". Not because it will somehow BRYU ideological rival, and because it will srodkavym, real contenders. Given the curators who stand behind it, "Snow White Russia" can be financially bury BRYU. They can offer completely seriously go to samarazlik, and in this case the organization will remain a matter of days of existence "

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