Opposition is necessary to strike a deal with the nomenclature

One of the topics which is presently, a few weeks before the "Euro march", is discussed in the midst of that part of society that is interested in politics — an opportunity for dialogue between government and opposition. Attempts to create such a dialogue over the past decades there have been many times, but did not result in tangible results ever.
Our listener Paul Lysyuk from Baranovichi believes that contact with the power of the opposition should not build a fundamentally different way — in the midst of looking for nomenclature officials own adherents.
Sovereign Lysyuk writes:
"There can not be such, that in the midst of the nomenclature, there was not the 1st decent man with democratic gaze that would not realize that the only way Belarus — the path of European integration and market reforms.
I think that in fact such people many — and in the executive committees at various levels, and in the ministries, and even in the presidential administration. The opposition simply can not retrieve them and use. A finding should be. Bureaucracy — a homogeneous mass. There’s a smart and professional people capable organizers, true patriots of their motherland.
Opposition is necessary to strike a deal with the nomenclature — enroll her in their ranks and promise that after the victory of democracy, these people not only remain in the administrative apparatus, and receive a substantial increase sluzhbe.Takim Makar, opposition forces and patroyatstsa doubled. "

Enrollment of a bureaucrat to the opposition will mean for this man in the best case — loss of position and, at worst — and the arrest of a criminal case.
Over the past 13 years it was bureaucratic folk repeatedly demonstrated and nomenclature of these lessons learned perfectly. Because even those persons in its environment, which are sympathetic to the opposition, on contact with her (even informal, hidden) are extremely rare, except in exceptional cases.
Obviously, this does not mean that the bureaucracy reigns unanimity. But opposition among these people can actually occur only in this case they will feel the real power and the weakening of the existing pending configurations.
Created subsequent letters — Igor asleep from Vitebsk. He continues to discuss with those who believe the current economic dead-end rate of the Belarusian authorities to:
"In one hour I usual doctor, earning three thousand rubles. These means in adjacent supermarketse can buy three loaves of bread (680-700 rubles).
My income is very average. I am a school doctor, only part-time work at the site. Precinct doctors get a half times or two more. And all the same their wages can I buy two or three new color televisions "Hero", or little cool "Atlas".
Another thing — we used to live wastefully. This heritage of our Russian past. Throwing in the trash stale bread, buy unnecessary products that later deteriorate. To not treat things carefully.
Here you can find an example. Not so long ago, my brother came, who lives in Israel. I offered him to walk through the town on foot. And he says: "Nah, this is how many blotted soles in shoes …"
And where will you find a government in which 3 kids government would compensate 50 percent of the housing loan?
People have forgotten how to live prudently. Poor living those who drink or wireless used to be dependents, loafers. That there are at least some country.
So I wish again in "Freedom" to appeal to the gentlemen of the OSCE and others. No need to put spokes in the wheels to our state, to exult our difficulties. "

If you save on the soles of the shoe, sire asleep, it is a risk that all the saved will have to spend on drugs — that escape from the consequences of physical inactivity and obesity.
With regard to the welfare … In Belarus, a huge number of people can not afford for themselves is not something that unnecessary — even the right products. This applies especially to the elderly. Constant rise in food prices for fixed pensions — a true disaster for most people aged.
And you wonder, sire asleep, think that the West enjoyed economic difficulties Belarus. On the contrary, there are interested to EU neighbors were rich country, constant and predictable. Western partners at any moment ready to lend a helping hand to Belarus. But in order to dialogue started, the Belarusian authorities should fulfill certain conditions — long list of these criteria and is widely known.
Our listener Zherdev Anatoly Gomel not the first time expressed claims to the Club of Friends of "Freedom." In his brand-new letter he writes:
"The members of the" Freedom "I think not only those who praises radio control, and those who thoroughly criticizes its information policy.
The theme of my appeal — the existence of the Club of Friends "Freedom." On the development of it was announced, but last year it seemed to be not at all — because administrators are considered members of Radio "Liberty" only those who they like. Do itt the conclusion on the basis of such facts.
September 6 in the program "111 Mailbox" sounded kind of my letter. Notwithstanding the fact that in it I specifically stressed that the outlook is a member of "Freedom", the air is not sounded. Surely, as I have repeatedly criticized the management of the radio and even offered to democratically elect him. And so leaders expelled me from the members of "Freedom."
I think that you should do the Activities of the Organization of the real friends of the Club "Freedom." The initiative will improve the information policy on the radio, and the realization of democracy there thoughts using caring and thoughtful people. "

I beg your pardon, sire Zherdev that reading your last letter did not call you a friend, "Freedom." In the coming promise to send this item attention.
Friends Club "Freedom" — not a formal organization. No fixed membership, no reports, no election is not there. Create a thorough public company, as you suggest, sire Zherdev, we do not have the ability. Well, it is unlikely there is a need.
Friends Club "Liberty" in its current form — a wide range of people who heed the "Freedom", sometimes expressed to us their comments and memories about what he heard, maintain contact with us. We are open to all views, and at least some criticism, unless it sounds correct and respectful tone.
At the end of several letters listeners leave without comment.
We wrote Nina Osipova of Maladziechna:
"I am ecstatic with our" Young Front. "What brave, selfless people, they love our Belarus! I wish to say to them to suffer torment for the truth, for the generous thing — it’s an honor, remember that God — with you and not with those police officers who lie in court, and not with the referees, who on the basis of heresy endure unjust sentences.
It’s a pity, but in our town such young people do not. Our atsirayutstsa about wine and spirits shop, swearing, zhluktsyats whole days of beer. And the police will not touch them. "

Created subsequent letters — Victor village of Konin Mikashevichy Luninetsk area:
"In the last presidential election I voted for the candidate television appearance in which censorship cut out half an hour of airtime. Already more than one year my candidate Alexander Kozulin — in the bullpen, where he was thrown" in politics. "
In Belarus, there is currently no law that would act are equally to all people. So what makes us different from the fascist regimes that one — bread with butter and honey, and the second — a concentration camp and gruel for lunch? "

And once kutsee letter which created — a war veteran Victor Skorokhod from Minsk writes:
"I’m fascinated by the latest headline" Freedom "" Septemb
er with Danchika. "About this singer I vyznat then, as he came to Belarus. Listened to it in the House of Writers. From the time he was with me always together."

Thank you, sire Skorokhod, for you and everyone who found time for writing on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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