Or appear in Belarus bargaining chip?

There is international practice: if a country develops its monetary system, first produced iron, coins. In all statesah have a bargaining system is steel carton monetary system — says Hist. Ira Kolobov.
"Memorial coins are issued, usually in countries with manetnuyu currency system. Abnormal thing for monetary monetary system that we have no bargaining iron tools — coins. Yet, our country produces coins commemorative memorabilia. Different, beautiful — appropriate. Etc. … But this is not entirely true means. In the traditional commemorative coins numismatics real means never were. "
Spokesman for the State Bank Zhuravovich Misha said that releasing a bargaining chip Belarus impractical:
"It’s not a cheap thing. Inappropriate to issue a bargaining chip. With that inflation, which has been observed since 2000, when it was introduced Banknote glad — calculate inflation: how much she" ate. "Coins will be insolvent."
So makarom, small iron resources in Belarus recently will not. But Belarusian memorial coins are highly sought after in the midst of collectors. Coin "Belarusian Ballet" became "World Coins" in 2005 (For the competition were exhibited coins from 70 countries). Very beautiful series including "The History and Culture of Belarus", "Holy and rituals Belarusians", "Monuments of architecture", "National Parks", "Tales countries in the world. "Inscriptions on all made in Belarusian.
Denomination coins in Belarusian very small: 10, 20, 50, maximum — 200 rubles. Coin "Fox" — 7.78 grams of gold with 999 diamonds — has a face value of 50 rubles. Nominal "Belarusian Ballet" — 31 gr gold — 200 rubles. Mint commemorative coins Belarus in Russia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, and Switzerland. Although commemorative coins are legitimate tender in Belarus, one of them in the store is not calculated. Historian Ira Kolobov reads:
"It’s pretty certain revenues to our treasury. Kalektsyyanerski They operate on the market for presentations, for gifts. Lovely coins sold out very quickly at the box office of the State Bank. Later kalektsyyanerskih dark markets they are sold by several orders of magnitude more expensive. They are in fact great, lovely design fascinating — there’s nothing to say. Only violated the rules of traditional monetary system. "
Memory famous Polotsk princes honor National Bank, 28.12.2005 • View new commemorative coins of the State Bank is not completely satisfied with professionals, 15.07.2004

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