Or compatible Belarus and Champions League?

A step away from the group stage of Europe’s most prestigious football tournament — Champions League — worth BATE Borisov. The other day at the stadium in Borisov took the first match of the third qualifying round of the Champions League between FC BATE Borisov and Romanian "Stsyavay." In addition to the basic time One moment Belarusians equalized (2-2), the increasing theoretical chances of a positive two-legged final confrontation with the Romanian team (second leg will take place in Bucharest on August 29).
Never before has so Belarusian team did not come close to the elite euro football. In case of victory on August 29 in a guest match on the Bucharest "Stsyavy" BATE starts evrasezon (yet hypothetical) together with such football giants as Spanish "Real" Italian "Milan", English "Manchester United".
Champions League: + real moral gratification
In fairness, moral gratification in this case directly adrezanue on the real side — for an exit in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League from the team will receive significant premium. In general, even in case of defeat BATE "doomsday" has not come: the team will continue to address in the main round of the UEFA Cup.
Yesterday’s match on the channel "LAD" commented Vladimir Novitsky. If he saw progress in the game Borisov team that first came in the third round of qualifying for the Champions League? Are there any prospects of the Belarusian football in general?
"I think it is unlikely any special in football will be able to answer at the moment: it is evidence that in general our football is improving its level rises, or it is a random moment? And yet, on the my eyes, in this case 100% award specifically management BATE — is evidence that our favorite was able to come to such meetings responsible in fair condition.
This indicates that Igor Kriushenko, young professional coach, could at first in the sense of psychology to find the right way, the proper notes, so for some Tipo kamertone configure command. Do not be in a hurry with some harsh thorough conclusions. But what BATE showed a much more high-quality soccer qualifying matches in the Champions League, more upmarket than we litsezreem other clubs in fulfilling the domestic championship, then, in my opinion, undeniable fact. "
Either prabivalny Romanian bastion?
At the postgame press conference, head coach Igor BATE Kriushenko expressed dissatisfaction with the final result of the match, because, in spices, "Romanians have not shown anything supernatural." Yet BATE mentor does not believe that the third round of qualifying for BATE — is responsible for the ceiling and the match is adjusted very seriously.
But Kryvshenki opponent, coach of "Stsyavy" Gheorghe Hagi said although the team spirit Belarusians, but I am convinced that in the Champions League group stage on the basis of 2-specific meetings will his team. "We must not lose such a chance" — he said in an interview with Romanian journalists (Belarusian journalists Haji simply ignored).
BATE Borisov for long become a significant phenomenon. Many citizens believe that truly proud Borisov nothing, and adequately compensate the players defect glory. However, businessman Yuri fans with a great experience, quite soberly assesses the chances of fellow on the way to the Champions League:
"What, in other words! Fans here in This is the meaninge, naturally supports the command. Well, the game is good. Slightly summed goalkeeper two goals conceded with the standard provisions, and all he etalons incorrectly exhibited "wall." In other words could even win. But all the fact, that young still. That had more experience, I think, "pulled" b victory in "Stsyavy." And in Bucharest, in fact, they "burn". In other words, if a game again the same was at some napavnevtralnym field could would hope for something. But on the road they just burn out, likely. Forecast, unfortunately, is pessimistic. "
Or will post where the gate?
September first state team of Belarus will continue the interrupted summer games qualifying for the European Championships 2008. By the way, the proximal leg — same again against Romanian players. Will it show Klasnaya team catcher is running a new coach, the first in the history of Belarus legionaries from Germany Bernd Stange? Almost all answer to give a friendly game on August 22 in Minsk against Israel.
Longtime mentor Eduard Malofeev Belarusian team says that for at least some coach, there are several universal rules by which he must repel even the most specific criteria:
"I’ll start, naturally, with, that at the moment most fundamental — to make a clearer, truer training process. Second — to pick a team, coaching staff, management on condition that posed severe tasks to perform. If we do not create, if in our environment, so to speak, will not have minded, but people who are shrouded in anger, envy, other moments, then this process, of course, will be very difficult. And, of course, the third important area — is the creation of fighting team. Again the same — large selection work, watching the players, especially at the moment, in the preliminary period. "

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