Or time to pay the prices?

Representative of the Ministry of Statistics and Analysis Olga Yakimovitch said that the real income takes into account the price index. And it was during this period of about 107.4 percent:
"Revenue growth covers the rise in prices. And wages increased, and increased pensions, scholarships increased. Revenues from supplies also increased. So makarom, all components of the population of foreign exchange earnings for the period increased. Those revenues increased business. In municipal organizations. Interest on deposits and dividends. "
CLADES sleep with one price and get up on the other
Near one of the shops I met in Minsk housewives who took oil and other products.
"We can say, so that the oil does not go up. Make us, please, 2500, as it was. "
"All the same, risen and risen chickens and eggs, and meat. I take this bad."
"And here earnings at everyone. Here feeble wages. There — huge salaries. Minsk Electromechanical Plant poor. And wages have poor."
"What do I do — 200 thousand pension? CLADES sleep with one price, and get up with the other!"
Why officials optimism and pessimism in ordinary housewives?
Outlook economist Boris Zheliba:
"What in recent years standard of living of the population grows — trivial fact. After all, people buy more cars, televisions and refrigerators. But differentiation is income. We have a class of people wealthy enough by our standards. This can be 10.5 percent. And quite a lot of people have in fact faring poorly. Most of the population feels the rise in prices.
There is still, of course, the growth of real wages. Maybe he’s not such a big, according to Ministry of Statistics. But the fact that it has slowed down compared to last year, I think it’s a fact. "

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