Orsha: Tribunal over Pushkin and Januszewski postponed for tomorrow

During a court hearing this artist Ales Pushkin did not agree with the fact that his actions qualify under Article 10.5 of administrative law.
Pushkin insists that kidnapped flag and defiantly threw it out the window of the municipal institutions — a symbol of protest against the unjust detention.
This was told by the court Orsha human rights activist Aleh Grablevsky:
"Pushkin first court hearing, said his upset by the fact that the police and the Tribunal wish to make him some little thief. Incidentally, during the trial was announced figure, the size of the theft — 9 880 thousand rubles. So many currently worth municipal flag . Pushkin said that he was a creative person and his act, he protested against the illegal detention. "
According to human rights activist Oleg Grablevsky youth activist Alexei Yanusheuski denies his involvement in the case with the flag. And witnesses who could confirm the turnaround in the midst of police has not yet found.
Yet, litigation artist and youth activist joined into one.
At the request of Ales Pushkin court records are maintained in the Belarusian language and defendants referee says through an interpreter — white teacherRussian language one of Orsha schools.
While police are rewriting protocols detention, the court adjourned until tomorrow morning. To addition time remains unknown, whereby article will be judged more Ales Pushkin and Alexei Yanushevski.
Recall that immediately after the arrest police states that are willing to have their criminal case for insulting state symbols.
Ales Pushkin and Alexei Yanushevski arrested the afternoon of 9 September, after the bard festival "Battle of Orsha — 2007." From the time they are detained in the temporary detention Orsha.
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